Monday, May 16, 2011

Dilemma at Vulture's Roost......

Before I present the dilemma I must introduce you to Marie ~  Marie is an old witch of 103...she has lived at Vulture's Roost her whole life ~ Many years ago Vulture's Roost had many inhabitants but over the years everyone moved away except Marie ~ Marie has always loved Vulture's Roost, she couldn't imagine living anywhere else ~ she has cleaned out the old house and is restoring the grand old house on what little money she can scrape together ~

Marie's hat made by Kat the Hat Lady ~ please visit Kat's wonderful blog Here and enter her  monthly drawing for an exclusive Kat creation ~

Marie is my first polymer clay sculpt doll ~ I knew I wanted dolls  to live at Vulture's Roost but knew I couldn't afford to buy the kind of dolls I wanted so I pulled out my clay box and started sculpting heads from very old clay just to practice and use it up ~ I watched hours of tutorials on making dolls and would like to Thank all the artists who so generously share their knowledge ~
Marie is named after a very old lady who I knew for years, she always had interesting stories and lived her life to the fullest for over 100 years ~

Steampunk witches broom by myself, for sale in my Etsy shop Here ~

The Dilemma ~ Marie has just received a telegram from her younger sister ~ Hattie will arrive in 2 weeks for a visit ~ Marie has just had Vulture's Roost cleaned out and was redecorating ~ She has no extra beds and the kitchen is so bare she can hardly mix potions ~ 

Marie is in a panic ~ the house is not ready for company ~

What shall I do? says Marie in a panic ~

Why is Hattie coming back for a visit? Hattie is the youngest and wildest of Marie's sisters, where Hattie goes trouble follows ~

Victoria ❤


  1. She could always suggest the local Holiday Inn!! Or make her curl up in one of the little coffins...

  2. lol She could sleep on the flat roof bit, loads of space up there with the coffins! Failing that, yes a Holiday Inn always have vacancies! lol

    Marie is some green faced witch! I hope her Sister Hattie isn't as ugly....I bet she's uglier still! lol

    I just love this house, and I want to move in with my witches! ;o))

    Michelle xx

  3. Yes she could stay at Holiday Inn if she had the money but I suspect the reason for the visit is lack of funds LOL.

    Michelle I hate to tell you this but Hattie is one ugly witch who thinks she isa total babe heehee.

  4. Marie really doesn't look like a first attempt. She looks exactly like a witch in her best ages... congratulations, she's perfect for your perfect house. Now I'm really anxious to meet Hattie... and I can't wait to hear more stories about the Vultures-Roost-Inhabitants.


    P.S.: My little blogbear Flutterby would like to know if that's a werewolf-rug in the living room... we hope it's not a bear!!! ;O)

  5. A great start to your character making Victoria, she certainly looks well at home!
    You have added lots of things to the Roost since the last time I saw the house. I hope you are pleased with how it's coming together. I have been busily clicking the photos to have a good look around.
    Really like your buckets of gunge!

  6. Loving it!♥ What an old hag, brilliant.

  7. Well I surely can't wait to meet the "wilder" sister, and see where the old hag puts her up (and puts up with!) The attic maybe? ha! Fun!

  8. Wow, Victoria! You have been very busy! I LOVE your first ever sculpted witch! Her costume is really stylish .... the broom is divine.... and her "ugly" face is kind of pretty in a witchy way... if you know what I mean! I think you've done a great job! As for her sister.... sisters aren't company.... sometimes they're just trouble! LOL! You can tell her to sleep on the werewolf rug by the fireplace.... or tell her to bring her own bed!!! That's the great thing about Family.... you don't have to treat them extra special! I can't wait to meet her!

  9. Thank you Birgit, tell Flutterby it is a bear that has been enchanted. With the right spell he will wake up as good as new :)

    Thank you Janice, I love to make messes heehee. Most of the stuff you see is just parked temporary.

    Thank you Chelle and Chris :)

    Thanks Betsy, I wish I could just make dolls for awhile. So many ideas, so little time. I am sure Marie will think the perfect place for the selfish Hattie to sleep :0

  10. Wow, that is a stylin' witch! I hope that you will give us a peak into her closet! Or at least her trunk of cosmetics. Her lipstick is a perfect shade of blood red! She is great!

  11. oooooooo what a dilema!!! maybe the coffins will have to go up on the roof in their own moon garden then the sisters can share the attic....sounds like Hattie maybe coming to live!!! :D Linda x

  12. Marie is just the perfect person to live in this great house.
    At first I wanted to write that Hattie could help her with redecorationg the house but then I read the last sentence....;D So maybe Hattoe really should sleep somewhere outside the Roost?
    Anyway, can't wait to see Hattie!!:)

  13. I Love Marie! Maybe you could make a little outhouse for her wild sister to sleep in, he he, a little outside loo to fit on the side of the house, with all her partying she may need to be near it and not in that gorgeous house that Marie keeps so beautifully! Kate xxx

  14. What a wonderful witch and i love your story....can't wait for Hattie to arrive....I'm sure there will be more great stories then LOL

  15. Nos encanta Marie, y se la ve estupenda , para nada aparenta 103 años.

  16. Es realmente increible qu sea tu primera brujita, has sabido imprimirle caracter, enhorabuena.
    Supongo que siendo hermanas encontraran una solucion al dilema jeje
    Estoy deseando ver la salvaje hermana de Marie.
    besitos ascension

  17. those are so cool! I can't believe you made them from a tutorial I'm so impressed!


  18. How about making her a lovely bed of straw, moss and old bones! Perfect for wild witches! OMG she is not pregnant by that wild Wizard Morgan the masterfull!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Haha, she's hilarious! Well done Vicki! I love the story about her too, that's so cute!

  20. I love everything about it!!! and you did such a great job on her!!! XX

  21. Vic, I think Marie is a hottie. Maybe you can call her Hottie since her sis is Hattie :). You did a fab job with her costume and I love how you have accessorised her. 1st attempt? No way. Can't wait to see your next attempt. Hattie, I presume?

    Vulture's Roost is more charming by the day! It s definitely ready for a guest who won't mind sleeping on teh kitchen floor if she is broke.

  22. Thank you everyone for your comments. Hattie will arrive in a few days and the trouble will start :(

  23. Love everything about your blog, great story, you have a great imagination, the witch is amazing, even more so as it is your first attempt, great house and enjoyed reading the comments also.