Sunday, April 10, 2016

Royalty...or is it a Royal Pain ~

As we left Vulture's Roost last time we had just met Princess Maria & Princess Irina the twin daughter of Hattie and the Count ~ This post is dedicated to Maria my very special friend ~
Nigel and Marie are so excited to meet the twins and can't wait to hold them ~

Hattie has to inform everyone that the twins are Royalty and they must be handled with royal care ~ Hattie warns Nigel not to slobber on Princess Maria ~

Hattie then turns on her heel and exclaims " Now that the babysitting is taken care of I can start looking for a Royal palace or manor or maybe even a castle to buy, no way I am staying in this dump" ~

Hattie hurries away in a huff humming... I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty and now I am Royalty ~

Hattie arrives at 3 Moons Potions & Notions ~

Hattie slams door....such class ~

Hey you!I am Lady Hattie, I need to find a realtor to show me castles and manors right now! Sweet Hilda says she will call Madam Maggie to show Hattie properties, Hattie says "Make it snappy" ~

Hattie seems to be in fine form, remember when she had to work here before she married the count?

Oh boy, I would say 5 years of Hattie being a Lady (I choke when I say that) has taught her manners !

See you next time!

None of the people in this story are real ~

People are only real after midnight ~



  1. Ha Ha! Of Course Hattie just wanted some Babysitters.... and a Castle or Two! Does this mean there is a NEW BUILD on the Horizon??? I sure Hope so!!!
    Yes, Hattie is in"Regal" form... I had forgotten how Obnox... I mean... "Regal" she was! LOL! And the Little Darlings look "darling"..... do they take after their Mother??
    I can't wait to find out!

  2. Poor Madam Maggie had better be made of strong stuff if she is going to show properties to Hattie and the Count! Can't wait to see how this turns out. Hopefully the Count won't be taking a bite out of anyone's neck, lol.

  3. All hopes of motherhood making Hattie become a little bit more... eh... let's say civilized have failed now. Not that I really expected it - but hope always dies last, right. She's back for sure and not back for good... let's hope Madam Maggie will have the right property at hand. We're only wondering around here what kind of stuff the Count takes to be that calm... or is the stuff just love? Who knows... thankfully I know for sure Marie and my darling Nigel will be great babysitters... ;O)


  4. Well, well, well... It looks "a bit" like someone has gone "little" over head with royalty.. A real "blue blood or should we say in her case - green blood ;)
    I hope her head won't burst for thinking too much of herself...
    Poor count - hope she's not like that all the time..
    Ooh, it would be awesome if they would get a castle for them.. with some neat, creepy dungeons and maybe a ghost or two just "hanging" around ;)
    Of course a handsome manor would be okay too- with bats on the attic and nice cozy spiderwebs hanging her and there to make it look more homey..

    Oh boy... just came in to my mind - cause Hattie is so "royal" now - she must want find some servants too.. Gosh, that'll be quite a job for those poor lucky ones whom take the job - I bitty them already... (^^)