Friday, May 18, 2012

Thank you Followers!

 Wow! I can't say Thank you enough to all of you who follow my blog and have commented. As you know with a broken wrist i can't do much and it is driving me crazy so I thought I would share some projects I have started and a WIP cupboard I had started before my accident. I will start with the cupboard today and share my projects in the following days.
This is what I started with, it is a vintage thimble display. I added a back and a shelf to make it  taller ~  I  was able to find two of these displays so I am a happy camper :)
I still have so much to make for this so I mostly stare at it and plan what to make when I can ~

I haven't got too far on this as you can see, lucky for me I had some bottles started and had made the candles  ~ I have been able to glue a few things so far ~

I have decided to call this The Elegant Witch ~ It will be filled with glass potions and just a few bead bottles ~

Well that is where I stand on this project, I do have some cauldrons I made before my accident that just need to be filled so I will be working on them as I think I can do that ~

I am offering a discount code for my Etsy shop Dark Squirrel's Shop ~ the code is DSBLOG for 20% off all orders, even international. You will need to add the code at checkout in the coupon code box . The code is good until June 1 2012 ~

That is all for today ~ If you are on FaceBook you can follow my Miniature Asylum with the badge at the right. I always post new additions to my shop, news and coupon codes there.



  1. wishing you a speedy recovery Vicki!! The cupboard is fantastic! Dont over do things! xxxx Nicky

  2. I love the rose-colored candles on this one--I can tell it's going to be a beauty! :-) Jennifer

  3. Thank you Nicky, I won't. It hurts too bad to do much and K tied a sling around my neck yesterday so I will not use that hand :) xxxx

  4. I just adore the pink candles! :o))) I hope you make separates, I love the grouped dripping candles you've made too.

    It's no fun with a broken limb, the only good thing is that most straight forward arm fractures only need 6 weeks in plaster! It will whiz by! In the mean up and cocoa! :o)

    Michelle xxxx

  5. Thank you so much, Victoria, for showing us the process of making your splendid cupboards! I love to see the changes you're making! Great, great!!It's hard to believe what it originally was!:)
    Lots of wishes of fast recovery.:)

  6. hope you recover soon, this new cupboard looks great already, can't wait to see it finished. hope your wrist recovers soon x

  7. Your cupboard is fantastic. I love all the wonderful details. Your work is amazing.
    Hugs Maria

  8. I'm usually not the pinky type, but I love your "Elegant witch" - especially those candles are stunning in their delicate colour. Enjoy making plans and don't demand to much from your arm - on the other hand, preparing and smoothing the clay can be very therapeutic for your recovery to get your muscles back in shape... ;O) Best wishes for a quick recovery!


  9. Victoria, I can't believe you have had the same accident as I did! The one good thing for me was once I got used to the cast minis were the only things I could lift and manage. Hoovering and ironing were definitely out!!

    I hope the pain has subsided for you and you won't have to have any horrible operations or anything. It does take a while to get back to 'normal' though. I did mine about 8 months ago now and I still find it difficult to lift heavy items one handed but that might just be my age!!

    Take care honey and give it lots of time.

  10. Thank you everyone :)
    The candles are actually a pale translucent violet color, my photos don't pick up the colors right.

    Janice, I wish I could do some mini work. It seems my left fingers are in a jumble and the thumb won't work right. /you are right, the pain isn't as bad and at least I can sleep. I think I have a few years on you :)

  11. Hey Vic, a broken wrist...o dear . But it will get better soon just don't get too impatient and over exert . Sorry I didn't come over sooner .

    Your cupboard is gorgeous! And UNIQUE! You are getting really good with those candles!

  12. Es un mueble fantastico, me encanta cada uno de los detalles, las velas son alucinantes.
    besitos ascension

  13. those look totally fantastic I can't believe you broke something too, it must be the weather! Im sending happy thoughts your way and I hope your break doesn't hurt too bad.

    If I lay a certain way I get a shooting pain up my back but my ankle is better I can walk and drive now and it doesn't hurt so much when I sit down