Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Wedding and a winner......

Here comes the Bride.......
 Here comes the breathtaking bride, Hattie is humming I'm So Pretty, I'm So Pretty under her breath ~

Hattie's silk bridal gown was designed by the famous bridal designer Vera Fang of No Luck City ~

The Count isn't running away, I take that as a good sign ~

The Doctor announces them Husband and Wife....Looks like the Good, The Bad and The Ugly to me  ~

Gather around for a piece of  cake wedding guests ~

Hattie's wedding cake was made by Kerry of Ella-Rose Miniatures ~

Come on up and congratulate the happy couple ~

Hattie loves posing for her wedding pictures ~

Now we are going to throw the bouquet, who will catch it ~

Oh crap! Big Simone caught I don't see another wedding any time soon LOL.

Congratulations Mandy! You won the drawing for the witch hat by Kat the Hat Lady!
None of the people in this story are real~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Thank you everyone for attending the wedding and your great comments this month. I will be back soon with more stories and pictures. I feel a little let down with how I did the wedding but didn't have the time to do it like I had planned. I will post Honeymoon pictures soon ~

Happy Halloween!



  1. Congrats to the Happy Couple! You did great on the wedding dress and the little cake is too cute! No one running is always a good sign lol.! Congrats to the winner as well! Happy Halloween, Ara

  2. Fun story, great photos Victoria! It has been so fun to have you back with your stories again. Congrats to Mandy, the lucky winner!!! Can't wait for the honeymoon! xo Jennifer

  3. It was a honor to be invited to this spectacular wedding - and the dragons were there, too! Hattie was a wonderful bride and it was a fantastic wedding. I only missed the wedding kiss... *sigh* would have been some sight, the Count clinging on to Hattie's neck... ;O) - Hope we'll see honeymoon pictures real soon. Congrats to Mandy and a very big "Thanks" to you for all the great giveaways and above all for bringing me so much joy with your great stories and fantastic scenes.


  4. What a wonderful wedding it brought a tear to my eye !!sniff! sniff! Congratulations to the happy couple. Fantastic story I have enjoyed this a lot. Wonderful cake and Hattie's dress is beautiful. Congratulations to the very lucky winner and Thank you for all the fantastic giveaways.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Good to see that everything came to a happily everafter! Glad to see the dragons were in attendance also! You did a wonderful job with this, Vicky.
    Maria Kelley

  6. Yeah! I am so excited. I have really enjoyed your story. Halloween is my favorite and it was so much fun watching the story unfold. Thanks! Mandy

  7. Poor Big Simone! Haha! I love your stories! Happy Halloween, Victoria!

  8. Hahahaahaha, Vera Fang!! I love your imagination! An all around great wedding, can't wait to see what's next.


  9. Vera Fang,lol! Hattie's dress is pretty! Why not another wedding soon Victora? ;)
    Can't wait for another story of yours!

  10. Hello Victoria,
    What a beautiful ceremony, I think I'm gonna cry!
    Once again your miniatures are just so much fun and so well made. Thanks for the great entertainment!
    Big hug,

  11. AAAWW, Victoria That was Beautiful!!! I certainly didn't think Hattie was going to choose a White gown.... But after seeing the Vera Fang Gown... who could Resist!!! And it is a Tribute to the skills of Vera Fang (or the photographer *wink*)that her gown can make even an Ugly Old Witch look Pretty! LOL!!! I'm so glad the Count didn't run away and they finally are married! And Such a Memorable Crowd!!! What a Wonderful Ghoulish Cast of characters you have!!! (Halloween needs to last longer... don't you think?)
    I Can't wait to see the Honeymoon pictures!!!

  12. Congratulations to the scary couple! What a wonderful story Victoria--I have been reading along but did not want to comment as I have already been the lucky winner of one of your give aways. The details in this story have been amazing and it has been great fun to study all the pictures each time there was a new post- thank you for the fun!! Happy Halloween (a little late) ♥

  13. This is a wonderful wedding. I like the story and photos.
    Congrtaulations to the lucky winner.
    Bye Faby

  14. Hi Victoria! Loved the wedding! Thank you for the invite! Tee

  15. That's quite the event! Congratulations to the bride and groom. May they live happily ever after!

  16. What a wonderful wedding!!! Hattie really looked so pretty and you can see she's very happy with her count!!!
    Thank you for this wonderful story!!

  17. Loved it! Do you or have you ever considered writing books? So much love and work went into this entire thing - you must be tired after hosting such a wedding! Anxiously awaiting the next storyline!


  18. Those weddings are shore to be remembered! Wedding cake is very cool:) Wouldn't mind baking something like that to my own weddings (someday). I hope you are having great halloween!

  19. me alegro mucho de que la boda saliese bien y supongo que la fiesta se prolongo hasta la madrugada , felicidades a la ganadora del sorteo y gracias a ti por la oportunidad , estoy deseando ver esas fotos de la luna de miel



  20. Welcome to my blog, A fairytale come true.
    Congratulations on the wedding, I hope they live happy ever after, it was a funny story.

  21. What????!!!! You felt let-down???!!!! Vic, you must be MAD! I am going to take a real Fang and knock some 5 cents into you :):)....because my dear, it was a wonderful, wonderful wedding!

    It was funny (very very very), clever (extremely so) and creative (super duper-ly). I think you have outdone yourself. Vera Fang, the Till-Death cake, and the overwhelming attendance by all her friends from hell! What more can a green witch ask for? It is a wedding party to die for !

    Congratz, wedding planner! Have another one!

  22. Una gran boda!!!
    Viva los novios!!!!!
    Enhorabuena a la ganadora!!!
    besitos ascension

  23. Hi Victoria,
    I just wanted to let you know I've a surprise for you on my blog this week.
    Cheers, Alennka

  24. Ha ha. I love your story and your wonderful work. I smile every time I log on. Thanks x

  25. je découvre là, une superbe scène .. à vous glacer le sang !
    Heureusement Halloween est loin lol !

  26. Happy New Year Victoria!

  27. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I can't take my eyes off it! You're amazing! :)

  28. Hi Victoria! I miss your blog stories so much! Hope to see you back here really soon! xo Jennifer

  29. Hoy he descubierto tu blog, es muy interesante, tienes trabajos maravillosos, ya tienes una seguidora más. Un abrazo, Arantza.

  30. Hi Victoria! I hope you are well and still making minis! Just checking in.... You are missed! :)