Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zombies and Werewolves and Witches too...oh my

Good Evening Everyone! Sorry I disappeared for a few days, I have been fighting a mild cold/flu and haven't been up to par. I failed to post the date for the Owl drawing....sorry. The Owl Drawing will be tomorrow evening, we will also be drawing for a House of Miniatures desk kit donated by Wooten Miniatures. Now on to the Zombies and Werewolves :)

Lets start with Werewolves also know as Lycanthrope. This is Nigel my wolf I made, he isn't really a Werewolf in fact I used my dog as a model to sculpt him. Nigel has a cousin who is a Werewolf.
Remember Winston Nigel's cousin? Now this is a Werewolf LOL. My daughter gifted me with Winston, I am a sucker for auction figures. Many unusual characters will be attending Hattie and The Count's wedding.

Werewolves have such a bad rap, I am so glad mine are friendly :)
Every year at this time I try to make a Werewolf potion collection, this is this years Lycanthrope collection available in my etsy shop Dark Squirrel. Only 3 will be made of this collection.

A group of witches by Nicky CC standing around on of my cauldrons. Looks like they are ready for Halloween . I will be showing more of Nicky's wonderful dolls later in the week :)
This is a Witchy dresser set I made for a commission, I love the red and purple the customer choose.
Zombie collection 2012 available in my shop Dark Squirrel ~
One of my favorite shows is Walking Dead so you will always find Zombie bottles in my shop, I think I have one of these left. I really don't like a lot of blood and gore and am more of an old school horror fan, maybe because I am old LOL.

I will be back tomorrow for the drawing and with a story.

Until then,


  1. Is Winston the werewolf from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?
    He looks looks familiar.

    1. I love the zombie bottles! The red and purple set is so stunning too. Hope you feel better soon!!!♥

  2. What a beautiful collection of potions Victoria! I love the candelabras too.:) The witches and beasts are handsome.:)

  3. You have a dog that looks like Nigel????? And you think your werewolves are friendly????!!! teehehehehehe. You brought me smiles,V :):). Great sculpt work with Nigel! And your werewolves potions look so pretty, no one will expect that the effect can be quite the opposite!

  4. Hello Victoria,
    I hope you're feeling better. What woinderful dolls you have. Even though they are from different makers, including yourself, they all have such charm and detail. I love them. The dresser set is just gorgeous and wonderful.
    I can't wait to see the wedding.
    Big hug, and hope you feel even better,

  5. I love Nigel, and I love that he was holding my winning paper when I so fortunately won the House of Miniatures Chippendale desk kit in the last drawing. :-) That photo is classic! You make gorgeous things, Victoria. The next winners are going to be so dang happy! xo Jennifer

  6. Sorry to hear about the flu - hope you're feeling much better in the meantime. It was (as always) fun to see something of your beautiful work, and especially your potion bottles are unique and outstanding. And I think you know according to me every post where Nigel appears is a good post... ;O) - I'm really forward to see the wedding, sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that the Count really did show up... but on the other hand, everything is possible, even a working Hattie... *grin*


  7. All Your potion bottles are fantastic. Your dolls are beautiful I love them. Your werewolves look scary but I'll take your word for it that they are friendly lol. I love your candles and holders. Sorry to hear that you are unwell wishing you a fast recovery.
    Hugs Maria

  8. I like your potion bottles, candles and people.
    Bye Faby

  9. you know if you watch Supernatural next week they'll have a werewolf on for Sam and Dean to fight :) here is the preview:

    as usual your stuff rocks, take care

    Marisa :)

  10. I always smile when I see ole Nigel! lol Hmm not sure I'd be smiling if I saw Winston though! lol

    Love the cauldron, it's enormous...big enough for one of Nicky's witch's to sit in! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  11. Hi Victoria, I hope you are feeling better. Everyone I know seems to have a cold at the moment, it is very grey and dank here in England.
    I do love your characters they are so much fun and their eccentricity is perfectly reflected in all your wonderful potions and charms.
    More wonderfully glamorous bottles for the Halloween season, I am sure these will fly off your shelves.
    Reading your blog is a delight, thank you for sharing.
    Mini hugs,

  12. Hi Victoria! I hope you are feeling better... the Cold season has been eroding me a little too! Your Potions are DIVINE!!! And I have been meaning to ask about your candelabra? They are the PERFECT spooky sort!!!
    I am not personally a fan of scary creatures... but "Friendly" werewolves will be accepted... because I Do Love big dogs!!! LOL! I can't wait to meet more of your Characters! Dare I hope the Count's and Hattie's Wedding will be soon?

  13. I hope you are feeling better, Victoria! OMG, I love your zombie bottles, they are to die for! =)

  14. LOVE those candles!! :)

  15. Loving the werewolves! I'm hoping your feeling better soon!

  16. Tus pociones siempre me han parecido magicas!!!!!
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