Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party ~

Happy Halloween ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful night~
This is my halloween Party room box from last year, I think the party is still in full swing ~

Congratulations Margriet ~ You have won the last drawing for October ~
Please message me your info and I will get your goodies in the mail ~
And yes...Hattie still has a bat problem ~
My next drawing will be for 300 followers ~

Margriet won this Pirate scroll set and other goodies ~

I wanted to share this Awesome hat kit from Kat the Hat Lady ~ I had so much fun putting this together ~ 

A side view of the lovely lady ~ she has a smile to die for LOL ~

A back view of the hat ~
This is my collection of vintage Gurley Halloween candles, the black cats are my favorites ~
This is a vintage liquor set I found at a yard sale for 2.00 ~ I thought it looked nice with my Halloween treasures ~
A final picture of the still not finished Halloween tree, I will make more decorations for it next year ~
My Halloween post has come to a close ~
All the characters of Vulture's Roost wish you a Happy All Hallow's Eve and will be back this week with a new story ~



  1. I love the witchy hat kit--really nice results, Victoria! :-)

  2. What a lovely post - full of different stunning things. First of all congrats to Margriet - and you supported my opinion that skeletons like my own Sir Paul have a hat face (LOL). Your hat from Kat's kit looks great - and so does your tree. But for the next year I would suggest to add some of gour fantastic scrolls like the dragon scroll you've sent me... they're so gorgeous they belong on your tree!


  3. What great photos to share on All Hallow's Eve. I just adore the skeleton party. I want 3 or 5 good quality skeletons to do something similar. And the little skelly with the flowered hat is so cute as well. I have a couple of your same Gurly's...mine were all gifts. And your Hallowe'en Tree is great, but it could also double as a Dia de los Meurtos tree as well. :o)

    Love it all...thanks for spending the season with me Victoria! Hope your All Hallow' Even was maigical! :o)
    ~ Wendy

  4. Oh...I won!! Thank you so much :-)I have to go to work now, but I will send my adress later this day!

    Love your Halloween roombox and the orange hat is really beautiful!!! Your tree and decorations are great too!!!

  5. I like your halloween party! Is great! the hat is so beautiful, and your candles colecction too... hugs and happy halloween!

  6. I Love your Halloween Room Box, Victoria. x

  7. I love that hat and your decorations are wonderful!

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  8. LOL, I think a couple of the partygoers (skellies) have been partying a wee bit too long!

    Hope you had a fab Halloween!!!


  9. I love your skeleton lady in her wonderful hat! ;0) Your party looks fab too :0)
    Double congratulations to Margriet, she won my halloween giveaway last week too! They say things come in threes, so fingers crossed for a third win for Margriet :0)
    Julia xxx

  10. Julia...I'm a very lucky girl :-)
    I think I already had my third win this weekend...I bought an Market Cross at the Arnhem fair, there were only 2 left and they aren't making them anymore, so I'm sooo happy!!

  11. wow cool stuff and cool hat!!!I might have to do a few more kits tee hee. congratulations to Margriet you lucky lady :-)

  12. Great Halloween collection and great hat! Love it!:)

  13. I love your Halloween Party Box its fabuluos and congrats on the winner x

  14. Fabulous Party, Victoria! I LOVE the black Cat Lady.... she must have a "Tale" to tell! Is she the Hostess of the Party? And your other decorations are totally cool!
    I was SO disappointed this year... they cancelled Trick of Treating in our town because of the Power outages and downed tree limbs.... :(
    So seeing a Party looks doubly fun!

  15. Thank you all!

    Betsy, That is terrible for the kids. The cat lady was my first doll I made from an old doll and a pencil topper.


  16. Victoria...I just received my give away goodies!! thank you so's all so wonderful!