Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dark Squirrel News ~ A Free Shipping Code for blog readers ~

Happy December friends!
 I can't believe it has been a month since I did a blog post.  I  thought I would post pictures of some cupboards I have made in the last two months. I promise I will be back with Vulture's Roost in January. I have finished my commissions for this year and am taking the rest of December to make a quilt for my grandson for Christmas. Don't be too impressed with that as I haven't made a quilt in 5 years LOL. This green cupboard is Envy, it is for sale in my Etsy shop Dark Squirrel ~ I am offering Free Shipping to my blog readers for the rest of December.

Free Shipping code : DSFREESHIP..........this is for international orders too.

This is Amethyst Muse ~ Sold

 Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble ~
 This is a mini cupboard I made for a friend last month ~
Vanity..... Beauty is only skin deep ~
This cupboard is for sale in my Etsy shop  Dark Squirrel

Divine Comedy ~
For sale in my Etsy shop Dark Squirrel ~

Free shipping code : DSFREESHIP



  1. Love your work but am looking forward to Vultures Roost.

  2. Victoria, your cabinets are SO Luscious! I especially love the Amethyst Muse..... it's my birthstone so I'm sensitive to it.... anything Purple!
    I Do look forward to hearing (and seeing!) more from Vulture's Roost! But I understand about the Holiday Season..... I should be starting my Christmas Card about now!
    Have fun with your quilting!

  3. Time slips away so quickly. Aren't your cupboards fabulous! No wonder Amethyst muse was snapped up!

    I'b be interested to see you quilt as well. :)

  4. Thank you ladies! I wil post my quilt when it is done, I am just doing a simple patch work.


  5. Oooh love the purple one, my fav colour as well, and the green one is beautiful, wish I had the money id snap it up, love it! But i have to save up to treat Emily, she really loves your cabinets and cant wait for one for her castle! Must resist, fabulous work Victoria! xxx

  6. I really love your work! The Vanity cupboard is simply perfect! Well, the others too :)

    Hugs from Poland!

  7. I love your cabinets!!Your work is the elegance of the dark side of the miniatures! Hugs

  8. Your cabinets are always a feast for the eye, everyone a masterpiece of its own! And beginning the New Year with new adventures from Vulture's Roost will be one good start into 2012!


  9. Im so glad I didn't miss another chapter of vultures Roost, I'm able to sit up now but it still hurts to move around. I love Envy :)

    Merry Christmas

  10. I like your new background, Victoria:)
    Yessss we missed your posts very much!
    And I love your cupboards each and all of them!
    Good luck with quilt making! Although you don't need it - I know your grandson will love it and it will be awesome!:D

  11. Has estado muy ocupada haciendo verdaderas maravillas, me gustan todos.
    besitos ascension

  12. Victoria, your cupboards are fabulous! I think the green one is my favorite.

    Time flies past quick sometimes, doesn't it? I hope you share pics of the quilt with us. :)

  13. I love the Beauty is Only Skin Deep one. It is my favorite. You are so fantastic at putting these together. I LOVE the candles. Super cute!