Monday, October 29, 2012

A lesson in Dragon feelings....

Oliver has decided what needs to be done for the dragons, leave it to a wizzard to know what to do in any situation. Oliver tells Marie and the Doctor he needs to talk to the dragons in privacy. Marie and the Doctor tell Oliver they will be down in the parlor if he needs them. 

Oliver begins to speak to the dragons in a language not known to any man, the dragons seem to understand and start telling Oliver a most interesting story. Vivian tells Oliver that Hattie told them that no dragons will be allowed to attend the wedding. Vivian and the little dragons have been looking forward to the wedding as there are not many chances for the dragons to get out. Oliver assures Vivian and the wee dragons that they will certainly be welcome at the wedding and they were some of the first added to the guest list by Marie and Katrina the wedding planner. Oliver sends word for an old friend to pay Hattie a visit....oh my.  

A huge dragon lady barges in the door of 3 Moons..."Hattie" she bellows.

She looks mad and means business.

How dare you tell the little dragons they can't attend your wedding which is being paid for by Marie and Nigel who have been so understanding of your situation, you have never even uttered a word of thanks for their charity.

It was just a big joke, honest. I didn't really think they would take it so seriously. Please don't hurt me!

I  don't want any more trouble from you Hattie. If you want to attend your own wedding I suggest you rethink how you treat others. I want you to tell the wee dragons they are welcome at the wedding and they get to be in the wedding.

Will there be a wedding? Will Hattie be able to hold on to The Count if he finds out how evil her heart is? Is Hattie really rotten to the bone? So many questions, so few answers......

None of the people in this story are real.

People are never real except after midnight ~

The Dragon Lady was created by Maria Kelly a dear friend of mine.

Stay tuned for another story soon........

Stay safe my eastern friends.



  1. WooHoo.... I am glad my dragon put Hattie in her place! Never underestimate the power of a female dragon!

  2. Ooh, that mean and nasty Hattie! Her words were so powerful that they made the dragons sick, poor things! I hope she gets her comeuppance! ;-) xo Jennifer

  3. I Love my Dragon Lady! she had to be in a story :)

  4. Oh Hattie! How could you? I am sure it iis wedding-stress that made her saying that.;) The Fragon Lady is AWESOME!:)

  5. hay que ver lo que se lia con una broma , menos mal que todo esta resuelto y todos podran ir a la boda



  6. Hello Victoria,
    This story is better the Dark Shadows! I just love the Dragons. I can't wait to see what happens at the wedding.
    Big hug,

  7. Just luv your storyline! So creative. The whole scene is wonderful. Looking forward to the wedding - should be an interesting read!

  8. LOVE the dragon lady!!! She has some great character to her!! Good luck with Hattie - lol. Hugs, Ara

  9. I like yuor story and pictures. I'm curious to see the wedding.
    Bye Faby

  10. Poor little dragons, being the vicims of Hattie's cruel joke. What a relief Oliver could help them and even more important Hattie, too, calling for the right Lady Dragon to give her some bitter medicine. I hope that bitter pill will make Hattie re-think her nasty, rotten and selfish ego. Yes, I believe in happy endings... everything will be fine in the end! - What a fun story, I can't wait how it will go on!