Thursday, January 27, 2011

WIP Haunted House...

First I would like to Welcome all the new followers to my blog, Thank you for your kind comments, support, suggestions and friendship ~
Floor of drawing room ~

Sorry I have been away from my blog for so long. I haven't had much to show on my house. I did get the flooring in the small room and the drawing room. Thank you Michelle for the suggestion to use cracker boxes for flooring, I cut small squares to floor the drawing room. I had enough egg carton for the small room so I did small stones there. I have most of the trim on the base boards and have been grunging up the walls a bit.

The dirty copper roof ~

The kitchen ~
I shingled the roof and am adding lots of trim. I would like to thank Susan for your kind offer of the shingles. I don't know if I am finished painting on the shingles, it is supposed to look like old dirty copper.

The roof top is going to have a special garden so I haven't attached the trim yet.

Tomorrow I will  post the name of my haunted house.

Victoria ♥
Small room flooring ~


  1. Hi Victoria must i love your haunted house, fantastic, look forward to seeing more regards Chrissey

  2. I just love it! The floors and the roof are the best, even if the roof isn't finished! They look like the real thing and I'm most impressed. The whole house has so much atmosphere.

    I hope to start some staining/ageing of my floorboards over the weekend and do Dumblerdore's stone look fireplace.

    This is a superb house! :o)))
    Michelle xxx

  3. Looking great! I love it! Oh a rooftop garden! I can't wait to see.

  4. Thank you Chrissey!

    Thanks Michelle for suggesting boxes for flooring, I like how it turned out I can't wait to see your fireplace, I need to do one for the kitchen.

    Thank you Lainie. Imagine a vulture garden...

  5. This is gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful and I am truly envious. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

  6. WOW! Great looking floors...and the mansard turned out really nice. I hope there were enough shingles.... I like he copper look; you might want to dry brush with some Wedgewood green to make the copper look more oxidized.

    Eager to hear the name you chose.

  7. I'm in awe, Vicki. This is going to be stunning when you're done!

  8. Brilliant, Vicki!
    It's already looking spooky :D

  9. oooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! its looking fabulous!!!! love it all :D Linda x

  10. Thank you All!

    Susan I will do that, I had some on there and it got painted over.

  11. Love it! Great floors, great roof and great walls! I can't wait to see what you'll do next!:)

  12. I love how it's coming along Victoria, the roof is brilliant and your floors are so realistic. I just love how it's all looking and a vulture garden sounds fab :0)
    Julia xxxx

  13. Wow when can I move in? tee hee totally Cool house!

  14. Its perfecto!! I agree with Kat I want to move in too! The roof looks really cool with that copper look and the flooring is wonderful, you only used card boxes? thats brilliant what an effect and so much cheaper! Keep it up Katexx

  15. Oh my... my little beary witch is grumbling with me! She's upset with only getting that funny little tower from me after knowing now what could be possible(LOL)- Your progress is amazing, I love every little bit of it - and I can't wait to see your next steps.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Looks awesome! you have done a really good job on the flooring, so neat and yet dirty and it! and love the copper roof hubby said he would do a real hammered copper roof for my mckinley (someday LOL) wonderful wonderful work!

  17. It's looking great! I love the roof and the floors are beautiful, too. I can't wait to see more progress.

  18. wow- it's so beautiful! I love the floors!! I also can't wait to hear the name- what wonderful work you are doing!!

  19. Whoa!!! I'm blown away..cracker boxes for floor tiles?!?!?!

    Im digging the roof too , It's good to see you back blogin and craftin

    Big Hugs

    Marisa :)

  20. Looks wonderful Victoria - I think the roof is GORGEOUS!! I love copper roofs!!! Loving the progress on this... wish I could work as fast as you! hugs, ara