Monday, January 10, 2011

WIP Haunted House Monday

Dragon's Eye
I am not getting much done on my house as you can see. I had some sales last week so had to get them packed up and mailed off. I was going to do wood flooring but changed my mind as I had a bunch of egg cartons so I will do some wood and some stone. I put a big dragon eye on one of the oval windows and glued some vintage glass jewels on the shutters, I have more window plans so I am not done. The floors in the kitchen and the Dragon room  (yes I said dragon room) are stones cut from egg carton, painted black and high lighted with brown, gray, green and tan to look like stone. I will seal them with a matte sealer after it drys overnight. Next I will stone the small room and put some trim and base board in the completed rooms. I hope the weather is better in your part of the world than here, snow and freezing temps here.
Haunted House

Shutters with Bling ~

Ready for paint ~

2 rooms with stone ~

The Kitchen ~

Stay Warm
Victoria ♥


  1. Love the work you've done!!! You go really fast!! I am impressed! If you were working on my Addams house I am sure you'd of finished it a year ago - lol!! -ara

  2. You call THAT "not getting much done"??? Well, you said that, I would call that quite a progress... ;O) That dragon eye window is a fantastic idea, and the floor looks great. Unbelievable you've made it from an egg carton - or maybe ours in Germany are different from the US-versions...

    I can't wait to see more of you while not getting much done!

  3. Victoria, You are making a "Plain and simple" kit look really fantastic! I agree with the others... looks like a LOT to me! Your dragon eye is inspired!

  4. Vicki love your flooring! you have done lots already! Its looking brilliant love the dragons eye xx

  5. Thank you guys!

    Ara, I think I have more time on my hands than you do. This is my slow time of year.

    Birgit, The egg cartons are all different here, depends on the brand of eggs you get.

    Thank you Daydreamer. I have thought about the things I wanted in this house for a long time, a whole note book full infact :)

  6. Marvelous work, my friend. Love watching this take shape.

  7. Thank you Helen! I need some big dragons now hee hee.

    Thanks Cia, I am having a wonderful time with this. I just everything that I have planned will fit.

  8. Great progress Victoria! Love stone floors and can't wait for the Dragon room!:)

  9. Vic, I must join the rest in congratulating you on a fantastic job. Love the flooring and everything else. It's January already and I just can't seem to start on anything mini . I envy you your energy :)

  10. It's looking wonderful, I love it all :)
    Julia xx

  11. Looks wonderful and I love the egg carton look, thinking of using it for stone walls on Emilys Merlin castle but it may cost me an arm and a leg in eggs lol! Looks very effective. Bet your pleased Nicky is back making dragons ! Kate xxx

  12. Te esta quedando espectacular!!!!
    Me encanta ese ojo de dragon, es precioso.
    besitos ascension

  13. Thank you everyone!

    Kate have everyone you know save egg cartons for you. I am so happy Nicky is making dragons, I bought 2 from her on Sunday.

  14. Thank you Ewa. I don't have very many dragons yet. One special dragon will make this the dragon room.

    Sans! this is my slow time of year so I have more time to work on minis.

    Thank you Julia, I am enjoying your witches cottage as you and Hywell work on it.

    Ascension, I love dragons :)

  15. I love the window with the eye, that's soooo different! The floors are fantastic and you would never guess it was card!!! Amazing look overall. :o))

    I know egg cartons and cereal box card make great covering for both floors and walls (you need to sand cereal box card with sand paper to give it texture). I plan on trying card for my new projects.

    Michelle xxx

  16. I love the house, it looks great! What a wonderful idea to put that eye in the window!
    I just saw the Lord of the Ring movies again and it reminds me of the eye of Sauron! I hope this eye isn't as evil ;-)

  17. OH MY!, I love what you are doing to your house. That eye window is fabulous. I love watching your progress. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Sherry XO;-}

  18. Egg cartons? Good Lord girl you are a genius :) That's a hoot!

  19. Love it! Cool floors; I did egg carton stones in my witch's greenhouse floor and on the outside. Looks pretty cool. Putting the plants in now...

    Your house is great!