Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vulture's Roost...the Celebration Continues ~

This weeks drawing is hosted by Nigel ~ The drawing will be for a Dragon Scroll set and some other surprise goodies ~
to enter in the drawing leave a comment on this post ~
The winner will be drawn on Monday October 10 ~
Thank you to all who entered last weeks drawing and Congrats to Day Dreamer who won the white pumpkins and some surprise goodies ~
First today I would like to show a few pictures of the potion room in Vulture's Roost as requested by a follower ~ The room is far from done ~ I will have more time this Winter ~ My pictures are not too good today, it is cloudy ~ The potion room contains works by Nicky CC, Debie Lyons, Ericka VanHorn and myself ~

A view of the back wall ~

A view of the desk and Beautiful Unicorn mount by Nicky CC, she also did the Dragon mount in this picture ~

What is this? A pack of hounds hanging out in the front garden ~ No it is Dusty Pearl, Shadow and Wulf who is Nigel's black German Shepherd ~ The fall weather is lovely in the garden ~

Lucas keeps watch over Vulture's Roost, he sees all ~

Are those tears? Still no word from the Count ~ how could he do this to me?
No one could leave a beauty like this standing at the alter, could they?

Will the Count show? Should Hattie cast a spell? Where is the Count?
So many questions ~ What should Hattie do?
Who ever gives Hattie the best advice will win a little prize ~ just leave a comment on this post ~
The story of Simone's cabin ~

Simone's cabin was originally built as a Christmas decoration out of small cedar logs in the early 60's. It was closed in on all sides with small windows and a tiny door. The cabin had Christmas lights inside. A good friend was cleaning out her Mother's house and out buildings when this was found. Knowing I had doll houses and liked small things she asked if I would like it, you know I said yes ~
I took the roof off and cleaned out the old lights and dirt, the floor was log so I ripped that out too. My sweet hubby sawed off the front so I could work on the inside, he found scrap wood for the floor and metal for the roof. I then chinked the logs with Das air dry clay, I tried paper clay first but didn't know at the time you needed to add glue to the walls to make it stick. So what to do with this log cabin? Back then in the days before Harry Potter and spooky minis I thought a hunting and fishing lodge would be good. So for years I tried to do the hunting lodge and was never happy with it. For one thing all my goofy camo wearing dolls who lived there just drank beer, played pool and told fish stories. The only good thing was the snake coming up out of the kitchen sink ~ The floors are covered in paper I printed out, at some point I may redo them as I don't really like them. I built the fire place and chimney with wood and covered it in egg carton stones, I do like it still so I guess I did that right. I have learned so many things over the years of crafting miniatures, my first doll house was put together with hot glue LOL. I don't know why I decided to move Simone into the cabin but I'm glad I did, it just seems right and I now love the cabin.

I will post some pictures of the outside of the cabin one of these days, there is a bear climbing out of the chimney too ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Friends who are having trouble commenting and would like to enter the drawing please email me at and I will add your name to the drawing ~

Thank you and Hugs,


  1. Ha!Ha! Your post made me smile this evening. Where is the Count? Naughty ol' boy. Let's hope he hasn't gone hunting!!!

    I would love to be included in this draw.

  2. Ooooh Victoria, I love Hattie's dilema. My advice to her would be...'if the Count's not man enough to show his face, then he's not man enough for her!! She should count her blessings & get on with her life & consider herself to have had a lucky escape', lol. I'm sure that whatever the outcome Hattie will be fine :o)
    Hugs, Kerry.x.

  3. Love the unicorn ♥ Please include me in the draw.

  4. Jejejej me ha encantado esta entrada, veremos los resultados, me encantaria participar en tu sorteo, ahora lo pongo en mi blog, gracias y besos.

  5. Thank you for the pics of the potion room (simply gorgeous) and the background on Simone's cabin. I think it has reached it's true destination now.

    It was nice to see all those lovely characters again, handsome Nigel, Lucas and the dog pack (At first sight I thought Wulf was a mini-version of your Annie). And now for the advice for Hattie: NO SPELLS! Who wants a guy who clings to you because of a curse... she should go for the wise saying of Dumas' Count of Monte Christo, he said all the wisdom of the world lies in the words "waiting" and "hoping". So Hattie should wait and hope... ;O)


  6. Hattie...wait for the count i'm sure if its meant to be he will arrive and be worth the wait :D
    Linda xxxxx

  7. Ah, Victoria! Your Dragon Scrolls are Divine! I have already been the winner..... so only include me in this drawing if you feel you need extra slips of paper in the bowl.... hee hee... I promise you can put mine back if I win again.... :)
    I really like hearing about the evolution of the cabin... it sure has become a Fantastic dwelling now! And the pictures of the Potions room are looking really good.... I hope someday for a close-up guided tour......
    As for the Count.... She needs to send out the Bats to hunt him down.... night travelers that they are.... and afraid of Nothing.... They can torment him Forever if he doesn't show up!!!

  8. Oh, and I forgot to mention... I ADORE your dogs!!!!

  9. Congratulations Daydreamer, now everyone is not only jealous of your mini painting skills, but now of your good fortune as well!

    Perhaps Hattie should try a spell; a witches version of GPS just to find out where the Count is so she can send him a letter discussing some of the plans for the wedding and general events and see what (if any) sort of response she gets back.

  10. Wow, I am loving all the great advice for Hattie. It is going to be hard to choose which advice Hattie is to choose.


  11. Oops, I forgot to add the final part of my advice to Hattie. It was : because it's just possible the Count is staying away because he's afraid that she's cooled on him and he needs a bit of gentle encouragement.

  12. Advice: kiss one of the hounds .
    Frog turned to prince and maybe a hound to a Count? :)

    Your potion room rocks, V. And you know I already think that cabin is cozy.

  13. Please count me in for this give-away!
    liked the story about the cabin...and I would love to see the outside, especially the bear climbing out :-)

    Dear Hattie, I don't like men that don't show up or keep silent...but maybe he's in trouble and can't get through to you! If you trust him...listen to your heart.....give him more time!!!

  14. Love your potion room, Victoria:) And the cabin's story is so interesting, thank you for sharing it with us:)

  15. Me encanta seguir tus historias.
    Me gustaria probar otra vez en tu proximo sorteo a ver si tengo mas suerte que en el anterior.
    besitos ascension

  16. The Dragon Scroll is awesome and i just love the mounted unicorn head. So very beautiful. All of the pictures show some pure talent . The potion room is spectacular. Love it!!

  17. Nigel, what big teeth you have! lol lol

    Naughty, saucy Count! lol

    I know who made the cabinet, it didn't stay too long in Debie's shop! lol

    I like how you have done the walls for the log cabin, they look like logs etc.

    Michelle xxx

  18. Ooh.. I LOVE the mounted unicorn head!! It's sooo beautuful.. Well everything is *grin*

    I think.. Perhaps Hattie should try a spell - just a small one.. Or sent a message bat to find him *lol*

    If I still can, I'd love to take part in this draw.

    MiniHugs, Irina