Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No 13 Dead End Drive ~

No 13 Dead End Drive ~ I managed to get a plaque with the house number by the door ~

This lion is very special to me, my Grandfather gave it to me when I was a child, I thought it would be perfect over the drawing room window ~

The cast iron cauldron which will hang over the fire ~ I have decided to cover this window with a huge fireplace. I haven't decided what it will look like yet ~

A planter made by my daughter and some Zombunnies who will live in the Vulture Garden ~

Thank you Glenda so much for the toadstool rug, I received it yesterday.  The work you put in your rugs is amazing, I love the colors! Be sure to visit Glenda's blog
Vulture's Roost progress has been slow. I have been busy with other projects but have found a little time to work on her ~


  1. you've got some nice pieces to start you off there :o) gotta love those zombunnies! LOL

  2. Wow ..that is eerie in a good way.. of coarse ... nice one Victoria ...what sort lighting are going to do ?

  3. What a wonderful address! Your bunnies are only to be equalled by the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog!! Scary stuff.

  4. love it!!! i am green!!! its fabulous!! :D x

  5. Thanks Wendie!

    Thank you Mieke, I am thrilled with Glenda's rug.

    Thanks AVM, I am going to have battery powered lights. They have been on back order for over a month :(

    Thanks Christine. Daydreamer thought up my address :) I will have to look up Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, it does sound scary.

    Thank you Linda, some of your houses make me green hee hee :)

  6. What a great rug! Isn't Glenda the artis?:D
    Love your house, Victoria. All the wonderful detiles make it so special! Love the lion and the planter! The zombunnies are perfect too:)

  7. I absolutely love that address! Well done, Betsy! And Vic,you have picked some really fine pieces for this house. So far, everything is spot on. That plaque is perfect (how in the world did you find such a perfect piece??) and that lion! OMG,it's like its made just to be there , above that window. The rug looks at home in that room and those bunnies are hilarious! :)

  8. I'm with Linda, I love it, love it, please come for a visit and work your magic on my new Tower. It's fab Victoria, your pieces are superb :0)
    Julia xxx

  9. Thank you Ewa!

    Sans! I just looked through all my junk for a plaque :)

    Thank you Julia, I would love to come visit :) I don't think you need much help tho.

  10. How great is this and I love the finishings and so perfect! Fabulous work on those exterior walls too!

    Michelle xx

  11. Que fantastico trabajo!!!!!
    Solo de pensar en lo mal que me va a quedar mi casita de bruja despues de ver esta maravilla......que mal me veo jejeje
    besitos ascension

  12. How lovely to be able to include a childhood piece in your project. It looks perfect.

    Like everyone else I am green with envy for your fantastic house plaque, it is a perfect piece Victoria. It is so satisfying when you find something that fits so perfectly.

  13. Thank you Michelle, I have learned a lot from you on finishing walls :)

    Thank you Ascension! When will you start your witchy house?

    Thank you Janice, I was thrilled to be able to have my lion in my house :)

  14. This is so my kind of house Im loving it all, and those new additions are perfect for it. How wonderful to have something sentimental taking pride of place in it ! Kate xxx

  15. I'm loving this house!!
    Glad you like the rug - it's fun to see my little mini in situ :D


  16. Thank you Kate, i am having fun with this one :)

    Glenda, Thank you! I just love the little rug.