Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneak Peek of Sin

Good Evening
Annie is clean again till tomorrow morning, I had no idea German Shepherds liked to swim so much. Our last 2 did not like water. Here are some pictures I took this afternoon, I am almost done. I have put at least 20 hours into Sin, she has 82 bottles. Enjoy and don't forget to comment in the giveaway post. The drawing is tomorrow after 5 pm mountain time, I will post winner's name at that time. Good Luck to all who entered and again Thank you for your kind comments and sharing my love for miniatures. I will post a picture of Sin before I list in my Etsy shop.

Sweet Dreams,
Victoria ♥


  1. Love the Sin ;D Love the candelabra and the Eye book. Great work!

  2. Way to go darlin! That looks great :) Always so cool with the bead bottles, no one does them better! Somehow mine always look lopsided no matter what I do :( I wish I had your mad beadin' skills!

  3. Just Gorgeous! I just love the way you get the colors to look just right for the whole piece. This is spectacular!

  4. How did you make so many bottles without going bonkers? So tiny and detailed too and each one different from the other. Amazing work, V!

  5. Que maravilla de mueble!!!!
    Los botecitos te quedan geniales, no se donde consigues los materiales para hacerlos, pero te quedan de lo mas real!!
    besitos ascension

  6. It is utterly incredible Victoria , but then your work always is! I agree with Tara, no one does bottles better! I have NO patience with them , glue my fingers together and am always dropping and loosing th little blighters!!lol

    Cant wait to see it finished, . Kate xxx

  7. Wow Victoria!! Sin is outstanding!! I can't wait to see it when you are finished!!


  8. Hi Again, WOW sin is amazing you can see why it took so long.

    Sara x

  9. goodness Victoria- this is absolutely beautiful!