Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What a Day

Welcome New Followers ~

I finished my Gothic perfume cupboard, can't think of a good name for it, here are some pictures. If you think of a good name let me know. It was 95 degrees here today, Annie kept busy swimming and rolling in the mud. You have to hose her off every night before she can come indoors. I sold my Magical Fae Glider in my Etsy shop today and made mushrooms in acorn caps for a customer. I am beat, don't think I will be burning the midnight oil tonight. Stay tuned for doll house pictures this week.

Take Care and Sweet Twilight ,



  1. It looks beautiful!!
    'Mystic Stillroom'? Hmmm, not really gothic . . .

  2. Hmmm...that's hard! Let's see...
    "Green Goddess Perfumerie"
    "Verdant Dreams Distillery"
    "Enchanted Elixers"
    "Aromatherapy Armoire"
    (Can you tell I love brainstorming names? Ha!)
    It's gorgeous Victoria, love your creativity! :o)

  3. Hi Victoria ...I love this ... beautiful colour you have used .. i showed my mum when i went up to see her ,she was amazed at the amount of work you had put into your design's . Also thanks so much for the comment that you left on my blog .. mum's not too bad bless her .. take care love and hugs Melita xx

  4. Thanks for the names! I like Enchanted Elixirs best Wendy.Second Mystic Stillroom Glenda.