Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome new Followers!!!

Welcome Judy, Marisa, Marillum, Tarayvonne, Susanne, Clara, Minnie Kitchen, Marion, Kim, Lara and Debie. If I left somebody out I am sorry. These ladies all have Awesome blogs!!! Remember when I get to 50 its Give Away time. Kat the Hat Lady has posted my blog on her FaceBook, Thank you so much Kat!!! Grim at Cauldron Craft Miniatures posted about one of my cupboards on her FaceBook today so I feel totally Loved today. I just listed Black Magic a Dresser Display in my Etsy shop, am trying to get some of my Halloween projects done and listed. Thank you again to the miniature community for your support, you have no idea what it means to me.

XXX Victoria


  1. Hi Victoria nice to meet you and I am sure it wont be long till you get to 50 followers.

    Debie xxxxx

  2. Thanks for your welcome. I envy you for your beads. They are exquisite and what you do with them... Amazing!

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  4. Great to meet you Debie! I love your shrunken heads!!! Thank you so much for following my blog.

    Victoria XXXX

  5. Thank you Marion! I just love your Witches Cottage, I want to do a witch house someday. I love my beads, my favorite is to buy vintage necklaces for the beads and findings.

    Victoria XXX

  6. haha, I love love love your stuff it's just tooo cute. I'm sure you'll get over 50 soon!


    Marisa :)

    P.S. I did a little work last night and Im going for a big push this weekend with a big reveal!

  7. Marisa I can't wait to see the big reveal!!! I am cleaning today so no time to craft boo.Victoria XXX