Friday, August 20, 2010

Nefertiti's Secret

Nefertari is a favorite as is anything Egyptian. This is for her, fit for a Queen. I sold Black Widow so I will do another Gothic project soon. I will try and post some doll house pictures this weekend. I will be very busy in Secret Squirrel the next 3 weekends. Next weekend is our town's celebration, April is doing an art show on the porch of Secret Squirrel and I will be inside selling treasures. Enjoy.



  1. You really have a knack for creating very impactful ensemble :)!

  2. Another fab one Victoria, I love the idea of little vanity displays, will be really popular for those that cant fit in whole units. Kate xxx

  3. Thanks Kate, I have some interesting themes coming up.

  4. whoa, you are just too talented, I really like that one too and it looks like it belongs in a prymiad (sp) it's early here so excuse the spelling errors.

    PS. this is what I want to buy to cook my sculpts in,

    this is the one I am planning on buying I actually use this one and it's working pretty well for me


  5. Thanks Marisa. I have thought about getting an oven to put on the porch. Hows the Fae coming?

    Victoria XXX

  6. Cool miniatures, I love visiting your blog page :-)