Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Halloween Tree and an invitation....

As some readers guessed we are finally going to have the wedding tomorrow. Hattie tells everyone she has finally mended her ways and will really try to be a good witch, more on that at a later date.
It's almost All Hallows Eve, we had better get this party started. This is my Halloween Party room box I made in 2009 for a blog hop party.

 A spooky spider I made this year for my Halloween Tree. If you would like to see pictures of how the tree looked last year when I started it you can visit that blog post here.

I have added a few more decorations this year and will add more next year. I allot myself a day to make new decorations or I would never get things done in real life LOL.

My little display in the dining room this year ~

Looks like we have people gathering at Vulture's Roost. Look at those fancy hats, it must be a special occasion ~

The crowd seems to be growing ~

It looks like a party! Everyone is here. Will someone please untie Harry Houdini so he can get a drink? 

What is the Doctor going to say? He seems to be trying to quiet the crowd down.  Is that Big Foot?

Marie tells the dragons shhhhhh, quiet ~

The Doctor announces The Count has just arrived, it won't be long now ~

This guest has had way too much to drink ~ I love this, it is a wine stopper.

The Count has arrived. Has anyone seen the bride?

To be continued..........

The people in this story are not real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Join me tomorrow for a little Halloween wedding.



  1. Wow! This wedding is so much fun already, Victoria! I can hardly wait for tomorrow. What a fun bunch of guests, and your spooky tree looks fantastic! xo Jennifer

  2. This is my kind of wedding! Lots of fun and interesting characters.. Mandy

  3. What a wonderful day to have a wedding! Can't wait. The story growing around the couple is great.
    Maria Kelley

  4. Finally... this will become soooooo boomantic... (ooops, I think I just invented a new word... *teehee*) This is so much fun and it will be a great party with all these special guests - I won't miss it. See you at your next post!!!


  5. Hahaha the drunken guest is the best!lol!
    It does look like this is going to be an awesome party! Can't wait for more!

  6. Oh YAY!!! The Party is Started!!! I can't wait to see the Wedding!!! The crowd looks FANTASTIC!!!

  7. This is great!

    I will try to remain upright for the rest of the festivities. ;) lol

  8. Party!!!! Can't wait for the wedding to begin! The guests look very..euh...interesting ;-)

  9. Wow, these are some interesting guests you have gathered :) Can't wait to see how the wedding will turn out!


  10. This is great: all those guests on this big Halloween Party, love it! I love the wine stopper lady, I hope she'll not be the bride??? :D!!
    Great scene.
    Greetings, Ilona

  11. veo que ya tienes todo preparado para la boda , estoy deseando ver como se desarrolla mañana



  12. This ia a fun wedding! I like your Halloween tree.
    Bye Faby

  13. YHello Victoria,
    Clearly your party is THE place to be for halloween. It looks wonderful. So much wonderful artwork, crafstamnship and fun. I just love ytour style.
    Happy halloween.
    Big hug,

  14. I WANT to be there!!! I will end up just like that upside down wino-stopper :):) if only I have her legs :>. This party is like Mandy says: the best kind and oh so boomatic ala Birgit (lovely word, B!)

  15. This is just so cool Vicky! I am really enjoying your whole blog - just blows my mind, cause I can only imagine the time it takes to get it all together. And wow! the items you've made!! - that really blows my mind too!

  16. Una fantastica fiesta, es una pena no poder estar en directo en ella, seguro que seria genial.
    .....no se puede beber tanto...ni siquiera en Halloween jejeje
    FELIZ HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  17. What great fun really enjoyed reading this and thoroughly enjoyed the pictures! looking forward to the rest of the story! :-)

  18. I'll be there!!! Happy Halloween!!! :D

  19. Fantastic party I cant wait for the wedding. What a fun filled post I love it. Your tree is amazing.
    Hugs Maria

  20. I soooo love your ongoing story. Can't wait till the next installment. X