Friday, October 19, 2012

A little story and some Winners ~

Good Evening! I first have a silly little story and then the winners of draw # 4. Thank you for your kind comments, I am feeling a bit more human today. Annie has been out in the compost pile eating cucumber peels so life is good LOL. On to my story and then the Winners, I know you will just scroll down to check first but that is fine with me. On with our story...
When we were last at 3 Moons Hattie was stuck on the roof. Nigel scaled the wall and grabbed Hatttie from the roof. Safe inside the shop we find out the young witches made Hattie's broom disappear  from under her when she was taking a little ride. Young witches and wizards are not allowed to practice magic until they are throughly schooled. Bad news for Tiffany and Ella , Minerva was there to witness this little faux pau...oh my. Nigel makes sure Hattie is intact after falling 100's of feet from the sky.

Minerva gives the young witches a good talking to...hope this sinks in.

Tiffany and Ella apologize to Hattie and promise they will never do this again... Hattie assures the girls she was once a young witch and having a wand and knowing spells is mighty tempting.

At Vulture's Roost there is a strange person at the door, I hope he isn't wearing this because I have a cold. Stay tuned to see who knocks at the door.........

And the Winner of the Owl giveaway is Fabiola! Congratulations Fabiola! Please contact me through my etsy shop with your address :) Dark Squirrel

The Winner of the House of Miniatures Desk kit is Rebecca Young! Congratulations Rebecca! Please contact me through my etsy shop.

That is it for now. I will be back later or in the morning with the new drawings.



  1. OOOH, Naughty Witchlets!!!! I am glad Hattie survived the Fall! Good thing Nigel is a strong Friendly fellow!
    Congratulations to this week's winners!!!
    I can't wait for the next installment.....!!!

  2. Great story and glad to hear you are feeling more human! That's always good. Congrats to the winners!! -ara

  3. Fun story, Victoria! That Nigel is a real gentleman, isn't he? Congrats to the two lucky winners!!! xo Jennifer

  4. Congrats to the winners! I always love your stories! :D

  5. A) Glad Hattie is back in order
    B) Looking forward to seeing more of this interesting white visitor!
    c) OMG I WON!! -- running over to Etsy to send my info now! :D

    Thanks SO much!!

  6. Congrats to the winners! And what a lovely story you made, glad you're feeling better. Our neighbors had a dog once and he always ate from our compost, even though he had more than enough at home. It's probably a dog ritual or something, hahaha!


  7. Good nothing bad happened! Congrats to the winners! Thank you Victoria for another great chance of winning your miniatures!

  8. menuda aventura que han tenido estas chicas ,gracias a dios que han salido ilesas , quiero felicitar a las ganadoras de los sorteos y agradecerte a ti por la oportunidad



  9. Naughty young witches. Hattie was really kind to them.
    Congratulations to Faby and Rebecca!
    Thank you Victoria for the chance.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. First - congrats to the lucky winners and another big "thanks" to you. My, was this an exciting story - and what a relief everything was good in the end. Nasty little witches, we should better not think about the things that could have happened - let's hope they learned their lesson well (I'm counting on Minerva...). And this was again some proof why I like my darling Nigel so much... But Hattie... I'm a little bit worried about her, she's so mild and understanding - did the love for the count make her a better witch? And who is this white crow at the door? Questions, always questions - can't wait to get the answers. Hope you're healthy again until then.


  11. Congratulations to the two very lucky winners. Thank you for the wonderful draw. Your story was wonderful I really enjoyed it :) Ooo I cant wait to find out who is at the door.
    Hugs Maria

  12. They took her broom???!!! Hmmmmm, that gives me an idea ! *lighbulb :)

  13. Thanks, it's fantastic!
    I try to contact you through your etsy shop, but I should create an, this is my email:
    Bye Faby

  14. Enhorabuena a las ganadoras y gracias a ti por tu gran generosidad.
    Me ha encantado esa fantastica historia.
    besitos ascension

  15. Hello Victoria,
    I'm so glad she didn't get hurt too badly in the fall. Kids will be kids I guess. Once again I love the world you've created and the pcitures are great.
    I hope you're feeling better.
    big hug,