Friday, May 27, 2011

Vulture's Roost....New friends and old ~

Marie and Clarence her bat minion are tending to new dragon hatchlings who just arrived from the UK ~ Marie had ordered dragon eggs from the Dragon Queen and they had hatched enroute ~ The babies are a mess so Marie and Clarence are giving them a bath ~

Clarence a ooak bat minion by Celtic JuJu friend Julie Rodgers ~
The new twin dragon hatchlings getting a good bath ~ they were sure stinky after being cooped up in that crate all the way from the UK ~

The Dragon Twins by The Mini Dragon Queen friend Nicky Cooper ~ She also made Titan my big dragon head ~  
Marie finally was able to get back to her cleaning ~ Marie worried as she swept ~ What does Hattie want ? why is she coming back here? I don't even have a bed for her to sleep in, what am I going to do? Just as Marie finished her cleaning of the small potion room she heard a knock on the door ~ Marie jumped in fright, could it be Hattie? With dread Marie started down stairs to answer the door ~

Who is at the door ~ is it Hattie?  Knock, Knock, Knock ~

Lucas looks down from his roost on the balcony at the visitor knocking on the door ~ Lucas calls out " Hello old friend, long time no see "

Marie flings the door open to find an old friend ~ it is Nigel a nobel and gentle werewolf ~

Nigel am so glad to see you. What brings you back to Vulture's Roost?
 Nigel explained with a toothsome grin, I have come to help. I heard Hattie was on her way back and thought you could use some help.
 Marie cried in relief, Oh Nigel I could sure use a strong wolf's help around here.
No need to worry Marie, you have more help coming in a day or two. Cousin Carlanne will be on the next train.

Cousin Carlanne is on the 3 o'clock train ~

Nigel the werewolf is my first animal doll in polymer clay ~

Till next time........



  1. Love your little story Victoria. It made me smile.
    The dragons look very happy in their bath.

  2. Marie gets uglier the more I see of her! lol Nigel the friendly werewolf?!? Are you sure?! He could be there to take a bite out of Hattie?! I'm rather relieved that Carlanne is coming by! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Heehee Michele. So far Nigel is friendly, I can't wait till the train gets to the station :)

  4. Nicky's dragons are addictive, aren't they? But it's a good addiction... I love your stinky couple... ooops, by now they probably smell like spring flowers... ;O) I love your storytelling about Marie and the introduction of Nigel. What a nice fellow, I'm very curious to meet Carlanne and of course Hattie... but I will be a little careful at full moon when I'm around Vulture's Roost - or I'll ask Fido, my guard dragon, to take care of me (LOL).

    Thank you for this beautiful post and have a nice weekend!

  5. Thank you Birgit. You have a wonderful weekend too :)

  6. Oh, My! Victoria! The Plot Thickens!! I think Nigel is Grand! Let's hope his toothy smile is not just the beginning of a vicious growl! Marie is prettier every time I see her..... maybe it's just because she is standing next to Nigel.... (hee hee) I really do think she is Marvelous! And the Dragons are to die for! I really like the close-ups of The Vultures Roost from outside... it's really looking good! I Love the upside down horseshoe over the door! And the plaque with the House number on it is really cool! I'm really enjoying the addition of all the inhabitants too.... such fun!

  7. Thank you Betsy. I always enjoy blogs with stories like yours., glad you like mine :)

  8. Nigel, what a fantastic name!! Your first animal? Incredible Victoria! Maybe he will keep Carlanne in her place when she arrives > Is that soon????!!! More dragons, I need another I havnt had a baby for a while now, and feel the need!!! Kate xxx

  9. Carlanne :P cant wait to see her...will she be dressed in purple i wonder lol :D Linda x

  10. Una preciosa historia, estoy deseando ver al nuevo visitante.
    Me encanta el hombre lobo que has modelado, te estas haciendo una experta.
    Esos dragoncitos son una verdadera maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  11. I love Nigel's wolf head and these teeth! Great work Victoria!

  12. Brilliant Story Victoria. Nigel what a great name for a werewolf xxx

  13. Dearie , where are they all going to sleep???? :)

    I too smiled when I read your story :).

    Did you make Nigel? He's brilliant!

  14. I did make Nigel Sans. Where will they sleep? I don't know heehee.