Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vulture's Roost Progress...more fireplaces and more ~

You will have to excuse the quality of my photos today, it is cloudy so my pictures are bad. This is the drawing room fireplace I crafted out of wood and egg carton, I cheated and lined them with plastic brick which I am not a fan of. I did use all the plastic brick I had so that is a plus. I used some vintage braid for the fire box front and added some logs, you won't really be able to see into the fireplaces so I am happy how they look ~

Here is what the drawing room looks like with the new fireplace ~ Notice the perfect candelabra  which was a gift from Glenda  who thought it would be perfect for Vulture's Roost. The candles are from Lorraine of Dfly Creations, they fit perfectly in the candle cups. I will do dripping wax on them at another time ~

This is the fireplace I made for the Dragon Room, much the same as the other only I was able to use my vintage andirons in this one ~  I am really itching to start loading the dragon room but have a few more things to do in the attic before I get too crazy ~

The Dragon Room with her new fireplace ~ you might have noticed how the window sills are cutout between the windows, that is so a cupboard will fit there that I built years ago ~ That is Titan the Dragon between the windows, don't worry he died of old age ~ Titan was crafted by Nicky CC, who is The Mini Dragon Queen ~

The attic floor is finally down ~ I cut what seemed like a million little wood strips, sanded and glued them down. I sanded them again and added some stain and an ink wash to age the floor ~ this will be a dorm style bedroom for the witches and vampires ~ 

I decided to punch out the trap door to the attic, there will be a ladder up to the attic ~ the witches will have the bigger room and the vampires will have their coffin beds in the little part ~ I am going to hang a curtain divider between the two spaces so the witches will have their privacy ~  I will probably start building the coffin beds next and try to find some red silk and velvet for their bedding ~

I want to Thank everyone who has joined my blog and left a link to theirs, I joined a lot of great blogs this week ~

Well kids that is it for this week ~ Don't forget to sign up for my drawing on April 2 ~

Till Later
Victoria ❤


  1. Victoria, it all looks wonderful! The fireplaces look great! :)

  2. All very dark and moody, great stuff ♥

  3. Just perfect and wonderful floorboards too, yes lots and lots of them too!!!! The candelabra from Glenda I just adore!! Overall, my kind of style and thing! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  4. Amazing as always... and what a relief to hear about Titan... ;O) Nicky's dragons are fabulous.


  5. Thank you Michelle! my first attempt at this kind of flooring, I had no idea how long it would take to put it down :(

  6. Wondeful!!! The fireplaces look great and how cool that you could use the andirons here. Now that I am looking at them, I think I have something similar packed away somewhere...must go have a look.

    bte...I'm sending you red silk and red velvet in the mornings mail...

  7. I like you additions, Victoria! And I have those andirons too! I have been saving them since my childhood.... they will be in the Lovely Old Dollhouse fireplace....! I like your use of trims for the hearth "fender".... I think I will have to borrow that idea from you! Your fireplaces add so much to the rooms.... and that Chandelier is Divine! As for the floor .... I have yet to do a wood floor piece by piece.... but I can relate to the length of time it takes..... I'm still making tiles for the Castle...LOL! But it looks really good and is worth it in the end!

  8. love the fireplace! wonderful wonderful job!

  9. Thank you Birgit, I would never harm a dragon :)

    Thank you so much Susan! You are so generous I was going to have a look on the big E for some in the morning :)

    Thank you Betsy. I would like to make tiles like you are, it is much more time consuming than wood tho.

    Thank you Minnie Kitchen :)

  10. I love it all!! The fireplace has real presence!!
    The attic floor looks excellent - you must have sooo much patience :)
    It's so good to see the candelabra in use, yay!! The black candles are a fab touch!

    xxx Glenda

  11. Looking fab as always cant wait to see it finished with all the acessories. Hope you are well Sara :o) xxx

  12. Hola Victoria¡¡¡ Como me gusta tu blog....
    Yo soy gotica y me encanta.
    Me inspiré en ti cuando hice mi rombox de una brujita.
    Me encantaría poder entrar en tu sorteo.
    Tambien te invito a ver el mio cibeles-mipequeñ
    Voy corriendo a anunciarte en mi blog.
    Y Felicidades

  13. Victoria la planta de abajo me encanta el suelo en negro queda genial y la chimenea es fantastica.
    La lampara con las velas negras es preciosa.
    El atico se ve muy bonito con ese suelo.
    Un trabajo maravilloso, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  14. I am in love with this house! The progress is always showing it looks better and better with your every touch! :)

  15. I love it. But where will the werewolves sleep?

  16. Thank you Glenda so much for the candelabra! I think it is perfect :)I wish I had more patience.

    Thank you Sara, I am well and looking forward to warmer weather.

    Thank you Cebeles, I will check out your blog. I will look for your witches room box :)

    Thank you Ascension, I am pleased with the floor. You sure are getting a lot of witchy things for your house :)

    Thank you Ewa1 I am having so much fun.

    Marisa I don't know where they will sleep. I have been thinking about this, I have the wool to make a felted black werewolf to go in here and there will be others :)

  17. WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm SOOOOOO loving what you have done. I don't recall you mentioning the coffin beds before and now I'm very interested in seeing them. I can't wait to see more! You got more done yet?


    Maybe now?

    No? Ok...I'll wait patiently.

  18. Heehee Dale, I haven't got anymore done. I just spent an hour looking for the coffin pattern I printed out last year. I even found it again on the net to print out again, I have a new computer and printer and it wouldn't print it out right no matter what I did :( I gave up on that and went and found my original pattern in the last place I looked LOL. Now I am off to cut out coffins...Whew.

  19. Hi Victoria. The fireplace looks great. I really must try out the use of egg cartons soon. It is quite hard to find the grey old school cardboard ones in my area. They are all sorts of colours or some form of polystyrene. I will have to look more carefully.
    A lovely centre light. Glenda is so kind and generous.
    The project is so interesting to me because you are using so many craft items that many of us having sitting in drawers. I love the idea of your 'credit crunch' house. It has inspired me to look through what I have to hand.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us all.

  20. Thank you Janice. Glenda is kind and generous. i am really thinking hard to use things I have. On the egg cartons you can use any color, I paint everything black before giving it a finish. I did the tissue finish on the walls of the attic but didn't blog about it yet as I am not happy with the color yet, I refered to your blog for the instructions. Thank you for all the posts you do on DIY.

  21. The textures and colors really add a lot of dimension to the rooms. I've seen egg cartons used in varying degrees of realism, but yours are great. I'm looking forward to seeing how your rooms come together!

  22. Interior looks sooo cool. And great idea with egg carton on sides of fireplace too. Like it!
    Thanks for stopping by and your interest!
    In Miniature Style II ebook and print

  23. I am soooooooooooooo loving this house ! Glenda is right about the chandelier. That old dragon lives in your house, immortalised forever by you, a truly great wizard at building his home :):)

  24. Thank you Sans! I am having so much fun with this house :)