Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Dragon's Adventures ~

Happy summer greetings readers.

I have been very busy getting in my garden and doing outside chores the last few weeks, ok I admit I did go fishing one day with my hubby. I have had no time to do any remodeling at Raven's Moon, Hattie is pacing around driving everyone crazy wanting to get moved in. Hattie will just have to wait, maybe I will give her some of the Patience Potion #25 to calm her down a bit before she tries casting  work quicker spells on us all ~

Today the dragons went on a little adventure outside, I don't think they had ever been outdoors before today, only the bigger dragons were allowed to go as the tiny ones could have got lost in the tall grass. The Dragon Lady, Pasha and Viviane were delighted to get out and explore the outdoors this afternoon, come along with us if you have time for a little walk....

First place we visited was one of the herb beds, the dragon's had never smelled thyme, the coneflowers are not in bloom yet so we just got to see the leaves ~

Dragon Lady loves the smell of fresh sage ~

Vivian and Pasha wanted to rest in the shade of mullein leaves ~

The girls got to do a bit of rock climbing to see the sage blossoms ~

The Dragon Lady decided to smell the buttercups ~

We all agree you need to take the time to just smell the flowers once in awhile ~

A wonderful time was had by all on our little outing, Thank you so much for joining us today ~

The Dragon Lady and Pasha were made by friend Maria and Vivian by Nicky Cooper ~

See you next time for the reveal of the next room ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~

Big Hugs,


  1. It's nice to air out the lungs sometimes! Great photos!

  2. One thing is for sure - you have a magical garden where even dragons feel at home! Thank you for taking us along on this wonderful stroll - this was fun for sure. And I bet the dragons enjoyed it so much outside that they will demand their share of fresh air from now on... ;O)


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  4. Good to see that the girls got out for a while. It's always good for a dragon to get fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. Hopefully they didn't torch any flying insects and only aimed for the weeds instead. Hattie will just have to cool her heals for a while. Redecorating a house takes time - even for a witch.

  5. Oh, I LOVE it when the creatures explore in the Outside World! Dragon Lady is an Awesome Creation! So are Pasha and Viviane! I am glad they got out to the garden on such a beautiful Almost Summer day! I have to do some "catch up" in my own garden.... next week! LOL! And as for "Hurry-up Hattie" she will just have to "Hold her Horses" and let Nature take it's course! I am sure the end result will be better that way! LOL! But I have to confess... I am wishing to see more of her "palace" .... sooner rather than later! Enjoy the Solstice! :)

  6. Oh my goodness you are back!!!! So great to see you! I haven't been on or around Blogland for ages...and I see you here as I pop by today! Off to catch up! xxxx

    1. So good to see you on here Michelle! It seems almost everyone has disappeared from blog land.
      Hugs xxxx

  7. Hi Victoria
    I just started a new job so I missed a lot of your posts, I've got a lot of projects in the fire though if you remember I wanted to be a sculpter but that has fallen by the wayside life has gotten in the way. Im glad to see you posting again.

    take care
    Marisa :)