Sunday, April 24, 2016

House Hunting and Patience ~

Greetings Friends, our post tonight is late as I was without internet for most of the day .

I would like to Welcome Shirley H. to the blog this fine Sunday evening ~ Now we continue with the saga of house hunting ~

The crowd finally clears and Maggie tells Hattie there is a property that might interest a lady such as herself ~ Hattie informs Maggie she must do some shopping first ~

Sweet Hilda tells the ladies they have a brand new potion in stock, "You really need to try out these new and improved Unicorn Farts" are we serious here??? Need your own Unicorn Farts just follow the link ~
We have many new potions at 3 Moons Potions and Notions, all can be found at Dark Squirrel ~

"I am done shopping, lets get on with this house hunt " Hattie informs Maggie ~

I see a grand manor off in the distance.....

" Well here we are, this is Raven's Moon Manor, lets go inside "

What will be inside this Raven's Moon Manor? Will it be grand enough for Hattie?

Stay tuned for the next episode, same bat time, same bat channel ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are only real after midnight ~



  1. Unicorn Farts gave me a giggle. I imagine they smell like a bag of Skittles candy. HAHA! Love seeing posts in your blog.

  2. Unicorn Farts must be the newest air freshener. I can't wait to see inside the manor. I wonder if Hattie will hire an interior decorator?

    1. They smell like cotton candy :) No, you might be the decorator lol.

  3. Hmmmm... Unicorn Farts... but the Question is, What do they DO? LOL! (If they do smell like skittles...????)
    I love the New Manor!!! I was hoping we would see another fantastic Witchy creation...
    I can't wait to see the next episode!!

    1. They small like cotton candy and beyond that I just don't know, the witches sometimes give me little information. You get to help decorate, this should be good LOL.

  4. Reading your replies has me even more excited about this new home!

    1. I hope I can pull this off, I dislike the small rooms.

  5. You live, you learn... today I learnt unicorn farts smell like cotton candy. Now everything makes sense... the sweet scent in the air in my living room where the Unicorns of the Rainbow live next to Magica's Witch Tower... *grin* What a great idea... and speaking of great - what a fantastic dollhouse. It looks so very inviting (for spooky people of course) and promising - I can't wait to see the interior. Nevertheless I foresee Hattie complaining about Raven's Moon Manor not having 23 bathrooms, 14 swimming pools, 7 spa areas and a blood bar for the gentleman of the house. Hopefully Madam Maggie has had a sip of Unicorn Fart before showing the property to Hattie - I bet this might help her stay calm and relaxed... ;O)