Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drawings today reminder and Vulture's Roost ~

Just a reminder I am drawing for this Spooky package this afternoon ~

This will be for the surprise drawing this afternoon, a House of Miniatures desk kit donated by Linda Wooten of  Wootens Miniatures . Linda has donated more than one kit so if You miss out this drawing you will have other chances at this kit ~

This is Vulture's Roost my haunted house getting decked out for Halloween. Vulture's Roost is where one of my continuing stories happen if you are a new follower.

Lucas my vulture keeps watch over Vulture's Roost ~ Lucas was made by friend Julie Rodgers, he is one of my favorites.

I think we need more pumpkins!

stay tuned for the drawing later today and a new drawing for next week.



  1. I LOVE dollhouse miniature kits--that's going to be a fun drawing--I'll keep my fingers crossed! Vulture's Roost looks fantastic all dressed up for the holidays. All of the little pumpkins look great! xo Jennifer

  2. OOOOH! I Love the pictures of the Whole Vulture's Roost!! You have added to the roof Garden, I see....!
    It looks Beautiful.. in a Dark way of course!!
    I can't wait for the drawings!!!!

  3. Me encanta Buitre Roost, que da genial.
    Las calabazas nunca estan de mas jejeje (a mi me encantan...)
    besitos ascension

  4. Fingers crossed! I have never had the chance to have a House of Miniatures kit! :D So exciting!

  5. Oh wow nice addition to your fantastic miniatures Victoria! I love your house with all these pumpkins!

  6. oh my gawd i freakin love your doll house your Lucas is simply dreadfull. i love the pumpkins and the eyeball in the windo

  7. More goodies! :D You really are too kind! I'm catching up on my blog reading on a lazy Sunday and you are making my day! I don't think there can ever be enough pumpkins in a Halloween setting, I myself have been quite addicted lately and making them like crazy!
    Have my toes crossed for the giveaway! :D


  8. I've not blogged seriously for yonks and here is your fabulous house decked out for Halloween and looking creepier than ever!

    Just been looking in your Etsy shop....lots I have my beady eye on!

    Michelle xxx

  9. Love all your pumpkins. Fantastic house.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Me encanta este regalo que has preparado,pues me encantan las calabazas!!quedaran bien!!
    Besos de las Malu´s.

  11. So good to see Vulture's Roost in its full beauty again - and my dear Lucas! And in my modest opinion there can never be enough pumpkins for Halloween.


  12. I'm just totally in love with your spooky house! The detail is so incredible Victoria! And yes, one can never have too many pumpkins! :o)

  13. Hello Victoria,
    You can never have too many pumpkins...especially inf ront of sauch a wonderful house.
    Big hug,