Monday, October 8, 2012

3 Moons ~ Welcome to the shop

Come on in and step up to the counter. 

We offer potions and notions, everything a witch or wizard could need ~ 

The main display table in the middle of the shop. My daughter gave me this vintage table. I  couldn't resist putting one of my witch books and bat stands on the table.

I am using this shop to display some of the many gifts from mini friends, my favorite mini artist's work and some of my own ~

My friend Julie made this broom holder ~

A dark corner ~

No matter what don't forget to Keep Calm and Carry a Wand ~

A view of the shop inside. I still have a lot to add as I dig stuff out that I put away until I had the perfect place for it. The shell of the shop was an inexpensive kit that had been finished into a Christmas house. The house had some serious problems but I had a vision of what it could be so I gutted the inside and cut out the top floor to form a shelf to display my collection. I only used supplies I already had to finish the shop, the walls inside and out are coated with spackle mixed with paint. The floor is just a pattern I printed out and glued to the floor, everything was then given my aging treatment.
This dollhouse was found in a thrift store that benefits Hospice where my Mother volunteers once a week. My Mother is 82 years old so I will always treasure this little house she found and sent me.

First off I guess you want to know who won the first will have to wait till the next post later tonight.....Trick or Treat.



  1. Beautiful work, Victoria! This house looks a lot like my Greenleaf Primrose Cottage, only I think yours is bigger. I love the way you cut out part of the top floor to showcase your collection. Plus, it lets more light into the first floor. 3 Moons is just gorgeous! xo Jennifer

  2. I love's fantastic! I want to shop there! Lol

  3. I agree with Jennifer, I would have not thought to cut out the top floor but now that I have seen it it looks great and gives you a wrap-around shelf. Great job on the shop, I'm sure it will be packed soon with mini shoppers. Also if you see my little house elf trying to hoard potions please let her know she has to share.

  4. Fantastic Shop Victoria!!! I LOVE the atmosphere in there.... Witchy but not TOO Dark... LOL! What a GREAT way to display some of your wares!!! There is already so much in there that is fascinating to look at.... I could spend some Time in this shop!!!

  5. This witchy shop is so nice. I like it so much. There is a lot to discover. Really great.


  6. Seria fantastico ser una muñeca 1/12 y poder ir tocando todas esas pequeñas maravillas que hay en tu fantastica tienda.
    Enhorabuena me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  7. Fantastic shop! I also thought you've bought a dollhouse kit! Great work Victoria! I love the shelf going around the house. Is this cat a magical one? Does it glow in the dark? :)

  8. I knew before I would LOVE it! 3 Moons is absolutely beautiful - I could look at it for hours and hours and would always find another gorgeous idea or piece... and as you promised, the number 3. What a clever idea to cut out the floor - now it's a perfect shop. But I hope you won't mind me saying this (I think honesty is always mandatory): I really think it's a pity you didn't put one of your stunning witchy cabinets in it. You wanted to display some of your miracle work, in my opinion one of these should have found its way into 3 Moons, too... ;O)


  9. Everything is SO SO perfect! i love all of the details and I would visit 3 Moons on a regular!

  10. Wow your shop is gorgeous. Fantastic idea with the floor. I love all the wonderful details amazing.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Hello Victoria,
    Not only is it a beautiful shop, a very well crafted miniature, but it has wonderful memories. I think it's such a great project and so much fun. I LOVE your miniatures.
    Big hug,

  12. Oh my Gosh! This is INCREDIBLE! I want to live in your shop Victoria! So not kidding...that is just SO magical I can't even begin to tell you how much I love it! You are a creative genius my friend! Hats off to you! Hugs ~ W

  13. This is so fun! Isn't wonderful to have family that support our mini habits and bring us home beautiful goodies like this! Love that you are using it to display your mini treasures! hugs, Ara