Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Elegant Witch ~

Today I thought I would share pictures of the finished cupboard.  As you remember from this post,  the cupboard started life as a thimble display. I finally was able to finish doing a little each day. The cupboard is sold, I was able to find another display like this so in the future sometime I will do a simular cupboard.
On the top shelf see the green cat bottle? A very special friend surprised me with a package of green cat beads, Thank you Cathy!

I even added a small set of 7 Deadly Sins bottles to the bottom shelf along with a skull, scrolls and a jeweled candle display ~

The candles are a translucent violet color ~

I made use of many vintage stampings, glass jewels and even an owl potion bottle ~

On  Vulture's Roost news, I did receive news that the Count is headed home from his vacation in Tennessee  so he should be making and appearance soon.

Everyone have a Great Weekend,


  1. Your small creations constantly amaze and inspire me..Beautiful...I never get tired of looking at them..each time seeing something new.

  2. Elegant indeed! I love it! I think the violet candles are gorgeous and work perfectly! Safe travels to The Count! hugs, ara

  3. You've taken fantastic pictures - all those lovely details show up really well. As all your cupboards this is a feast for the eye - and this cat bead is spectacular and perfect for your purposes. Hey, and good news about the Count... ;O)


  4. Wow!!! Very beautiful! I LOVE the color of the candles! Jennifer

  5. FANTASTIC. LOVE all the colors, bottles, candles, jewels, etc . You are very talented.

  6. I think if I am a witch, I want to be the elegant witch:). This is just the perfect cupboard for such a witch, Vic. Another brilliant Victoria's Cupboard :):)

  7. When I look at this outstanding, stunning work, I know I have to take a cup of coffee and another one and another one......because I never get tired of looking at such a beauty, Vic! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work!
    Greetings, Ilona

  8. Ooooh, I love it!! Fantastic work Victoria. Everytime I look at the photos I see something new.
    Hugs, Kerry.x.

  9. AWESOME!! Another great cupboard, Victoria!

  10. Fabulous! I like the violet candles.
    Bye Faby

  11. I love the candles, have you tried to make the cabinets out of matboard? here is a great tutorial

    Marisa :)

  12. Wow! This is fabulous Victoria. So many gorgeous and unique items. I agree the shape of the cupboard is very interesting.

  13. Love those violet candles and the deadly sins are a fab touch. Best wishes, Carol

  14. Espectacular!!!
    Me encanta cada uno de los detalles y esos violetas que ha utilizado, uno de mis colores favoritos.
    besitos ascension