Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vulture's Roost Giveaway news and Bat Whispering ~

Having no luck with her bat calling spell, Hattie remembered there were bats at Simone's cabin ~ Hattie rushed over and snuck up to the loft bedroom ~ Now what are you doing Hattie? Oh I see bat whispering, good luck on that plan ~
Lucas wanted me to let you know the drawing for the Bat Study and candles will be held on Monday October  17 ~ if you can't leave a comment please feel free to email me at ---------------- and I will add your name to the draw ~ You must be a follower and you are welcome to post this on your blog ~
Back at Vulture's Roost Nigel has caught the snakes and is attempting to have a Snake Stew in the front garden ~ You are all invited...those with initials A to L bring a salad and M to Z bring a dessert. Drinks and tableware will be provided ~

None of the people in this story are real ~
People are never real except after midnight ~



  1. Snake stew huh! Hmmm different, most definitely different! lol I am sure Nigel will have a fab feast on it to go with his salads! I wonder what the desserts will be though! :o)

    I LOVE that cauldron, did you make it or buy it? :o)

    Michelle xxx

  2. Please include me, a woman can never have too many candles!!

  3. Thank you ladies :)

    Michelle, I have had the cast iron cauldron for years. I collect vintage cauldrons, and like the fact that no matter what size they are you can use them.

    Janice you have been added to the draw :)

  4. Snake Stew Victoria, I'll think I'll pass thank you..

  5. Ha Ha! Bat Whispering! What a Great Idea!
    I think I'll pass on the snake stew unless I am Assured it tastes just like chicken....!
    This is really fun, Victoria!

  6. Hi Victoria! I really like your minis and would be happy if you add me to the draw.
    I'll make a link to this post on my blog.

  7. Ooooh, please include me. October 17th is my 30th wedding anniversary! I also make RL candles.

  8. Count me. I put the link on my blog.
    Bye Faby

  9. Hi Victoria,
    I think Snake stew sounds ok ;( If it tastes like chicken! :) Ooo Bat whispering... I love it :0)
    Julia xx

  10. Me me me me me add me to your draw will post this on my blog and facebook jumping up and down with excitement. I don't get out much LMAO. Snake stew sounds quite nice on a cold winters day with a few croutons and a touch of nutmeg ha ha ha!

  11. Entonces yo llevare ensalada jejeje
    Me gustaria probar suerte de nuevo, a ver si esta vez si consigo un trabajo tuyo jeje
    besitos ascension

  12. I hope the bat can deliver the message to count ;0)

    Snake stew..?? Hmm.. Maybe I give it a try.. Even if it doesn't taste like chicken.. *grin*
    Any rat- or froglegs to come with it..?? *LOL*

    Count me in please...

    MiniHugs, Irina

  13. Aw...these are fab! You do such great work Victoria! I just returned home from vacation and I need a vacation from my action packed vacation...ha! Will try to catch up on blogs soon if I can. I'm sure I've missed all kinds of goodies! :o)

  14. Hattie doesn't give up - but it looks like she has more luck now with bat whispering. What a relief for Nigel who just managed to solve the snake problem. I'm going to ask my beary witch for some ingredients for the salad, maybe some toad warts, froggie legs and fly agrarics? Let's see... ;O)


  15. Count me in Victoria, my blog comments havnt been working, so I hope this one goes through! Love the snake stew...yummy!

  16. not sure about the stew but please count me in on the giveaway please :D Linda x

  17. wow caught this post just in time!!!! love that vulture <3 -ara