Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vulture's Roost Update ~ Kitchen fireplace...

The dilemma... I wanted a huge fireplace for the witches to cook in. It needed to be huge in a tiny kitchen, after much indecision I decided to sacrifice a window and build a custom size fireplace to fit this space ~ I have had this cast iron cauldron for years and thought it would be perfect to hang over the fire... how wrong I was ~  

I built a wood base to just fit in my opening ~ I then got my trusty egg carton stash and cut bricks  to line the  firebox and hearth ~ I then got all my bricks glued and a coat of my trusty black paint, in between all this I was sending pictures to friend Julie ~ I then cut stones for the wall and glued them and applied much paint ~ Here you have the bare bones so to speak ~

I then added trim and my mantel with the green beads ~ I  had planned on going around my hearth with fancy iron work but I broke it ~ I tore up my studio looking for something to use and thought I will make it with card stock ~ So I found some fancy edge scissors, cut my card stock and glued it on adding more paint ~ I snapped this picture with my cauldron and vintage andirons I had planned to use  ~ I also added a shelf to the top  ~ I liked this but didn't think the andirons were working and my cauldron looked dinky :( I then remembered this brass cauldron that I thought would be too big to ever use in a 1/12 scale house ~ I stuck the brass cauldron in and thought it worked but had to send poor Julie pictures ~ 

Here is a picture of my almost finished fireplace with the brass cauldron and a bit of my brass collection just to see how it will look someday ~ Sorry for all the pictures Julie ~

The Witches Kitchen at Vultures Roost ~ The fireplace still needs a few tweaks and I need to do a proper fire ~ I had no idea it would take me 3 days to build a simple fireplace ~

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Victoria ❤ 


  1. Sometimes things just evolve, taking on a life of their own, don't they? Nothing is ever as simple as you plan. But I think that fireplace has turned into the best focal point ever! I just makes the kitchen! I love the brass. Those witches will be cookin' up a storm!

  2. Victoria, you are the answer to my prayers. I have been planning ideas for my Cauldron Shop and I want to have a cosy fireplace. Wood or paperclay?wood or paperclay? Has been my mantra all week but I could not envisage how it would all come together working in a tight space.
    As usual a talented lady has shown me the way.....make the fireplace separately and then fit it!
    Still can't decide between wood and paperclay but you have solved one problem for me. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

    I love the way you have used the egg cartons. The floor looks fabulous too. As you know I adore this house.

  3. You would never believe that was made with egg cartons it looks fantastic and the brass cauldron really sets it off, and just the right size.

  4. It's stunning Victoria, I love your fireplace and the brassware :)
    Julia xxx

  5. omg woman its fabulous!!! love it!! :D Linda x

  6. It was really worth the effort - that brass cauldron is perfect for this place. By the way - how many eggs do you eat a day to have such a storage of egg cartons... LOL. It's amazing how well they fit for your purposes.


  7. Well, Victoria, you have outdone yourself. That's just perfect in my opinion! I love the green beads. Great effect!

  8. Thank you Susan, from a master miniaturist that means a lot :)

    Janice, You have given me so much inspiration on this house. I am thrilled I could help you. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Thank you so much Penni :)

    Thank you Julia, another master. Your hints helped with my walls :(

    Thank you Linda! Another master here, I enjoy your houses so much :)

    Thank you Birgit, I was thrilled to be able to use this cauldron. We eat eggs every day and Annie sometimes has one at breakfast.

    Thank you so much Lainie :)

  9. Wow Victoria, your fireplace is amazing. Don't you love it when you start a simple project and then it ends up taking over? I think that is part of the fun isn't it? :-)
    Great job! I'm sure they'll be mixing up some special potions in no time.

  10. This is just too brilliant! I love that you included so many photos - don't ever apologise for plenty of pictures - we want to see more! Caroline :)

  11. Oh Wow, what a fabulous fireplace! The larger cauldron looks stunning, and you have a great collection of brassware, it really lifts the room! I cant quite believe its egg cartons too, I love that medium, it gives such a wonderful effect, I must use it somewhere! Bet your excited to be progressing so well on this! Kate xx

  12. What a great job Victoria!! I think sacrificing the window was well worth it :o) & the larger couldron looks the perfect size to me. I'd love to experiment with something similar but cos of having our own chooks, we never get spare egg boxes :o(

  13. Fantastic! It's perfect for the witches!
    Kiss Fabiola

  14. you didnt even send me enough pics LOL and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the final affect!!!!! It is just awesome!!!!!

  15. Wonderful kitchen Victoria! I love it!:D

  16. Thank you Dale, my problem is I don't want to do anything else but work on my project. The dog has different views on this :)

    Thank you mousse23!

    Awww Cia, Thank you so much.

    Thank you Caroline, I just think I'm boring sometimes :)

    Thanks Kate, it is wonderful to have the time to do a little me stuff :)

    Thanks Wendie, I will send you some when we do our swap if you like.

    Thank you Fabiola!

    Heehee Julie :) Thank you for putting up with me.

    Thank you Ewa ❤

  17. that's called thinking on your feet girlfriend! you solved your problem and it looks wonderful!!!


  18. It's wonderful and I'm glad that you sacrificed the 'very' worth it! Your bricks are simply superb and the large brass cauldron is more than perfect!

    Michelle xxx

  19. Thank you Marisa! good thing I didn't have to walk while thinking on my feet LOL.

    Thank you Michelle, I was so inspired watching you build your fireplaces. This is why you must keep blogging :)

  20. I can't wait to see it lit up, didn't you say you were putting in a light up unit? I think that really takes it to the next level of coolness :) And it looks really great, too. The larger cauldron was perfect for that size of fireplace. Plus it's just a fabulous cauldron anyway!

  21. Wow, Victoria! That is an AWESOME Cauldron! I can see why you thought you'd never have a chance to use it! But it looks GREAT in there! And your decision to give up the window was totally right! I think it will even make the house look spookier from the outside to have a blocked up window....! The hearth is fantastic and your brass collection is really original too! Vulture's Roost just keeps getting better and better! :):)

  22. Wow!! Wow!! I love it- I would say that the time it took to build has been well worth it- it turned out great! I love the brass cauldron too- perfect!