Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vulture's Roost News and New Dark Squirrel Items

Steampunk Blues a mini cupboard ~
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Dragon Tears Potion Bottle ~

Werewolf Elixir ~ to remove those pesky werewolves ~
I have started adding vines and making a huge mess with moss trying to see what if I want a moss lawn. I need to put an edge around my board so the moss doesn't shed everywhere. I also wanted a picture of Lucas my new vulture at his new home. Lucas is a creation of Julie Rodgers of Celtic JuJu .

Lucas is wise and friendly ~

A mess of moss ~
Victoria ♥   


  1. WOW! Totally cool, love that dragon's tears bottle cool!

  2. That house is outstanding and just LOVE it! I love the old dead tree and mossy has SOOO much atmosphere...I can feel the creepiness from over the pond!!

    Fabulous work!
    Michelle xxx

  3. OOOHHH, Victoria, It's looking amazingly creepily Haunted! The Vultures are so..... Vultchy... if you know what I mean! I really like the vine and the moss.... I wish I could make moss really stay green.... my experience is that it turns brown after a while!
    And your little cabinets are really great! I am going to be making a little "medicine" cabinet for my Lovely Old Dollhouse.... I'm afraid it will have to be very plain and old Fashioned and NOT creepy or steam-punky!
    Your little bottles are Fantastic! I LOVE the Dragon Tears!

  4. Vulture's Roost is fabulous - you've captured a dark and mysterious character. I'd say i want to move in, but it's too scary!!
    Steampunk Cabinet - excellent!!

  5. The house is looking better and better! Love this creepy feeling you add every time:) The Blues is so cool and so are the potion bottles:)

  6. Oooh I NEED a vulture he is awesome , and love the new cabinet and bottles, beautifully made as always! Kate xxx

  7. Looking good, Vicky!! The dead stuff in front absolutely adds to the "atmosphere".

    Lucas is wonderful!!

    My experience with the natural moss is that it does fade to brown in time...but maybe that's good, eh? Have you looked at the landscape supplies the madel railroaders use? That is dyed and it usually retains its color.

  8. You're newest miniatures are fantastic. And as for the house... well, it has so much atmosphere - great, great job. And that Lucas is a real cutie, love his looks!


  9. Los botes de pociones son tan bonitos, me encantan.
    Y has conseguido que tu casa sea ademas de muy original, preciosa!!!!
    Me encantan todos los detalles que pones.
    besitos ascension

  10. Love your work Victoria as you know my potion bottles have pride of place in my Witch Emporium. Yet you continue to come up with more fabulous pieces, super cabinets.

    The tree works so well outside the house and like Tabitha I normally use the stuff for model railways and it is far less 'sheddy' and there are a whole range of textures and colours to choose from.

    Just love this house!