Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vulture's Roost Progress....

This is the Wonderful vulture that Julie of Celtic JuJu made for me.

Isn't he handsome? I think so. Julie makes magical ravens too in addition to her  fantasy dolls and gypsy wagon kits. You can visit her Magical shop here

The Widows Walk has been painted and attached to the gingerbread.  Coming in the future will be a Vulture Garden on the roof ~

I put a stone border all around the house ~

I had to put up my Awesome Dragon Head by Nicky CC in the Dragon Room. You can visit Nicky Cooper at her  ebay store here

Faux stone foundation made from egg carton ~
I haven't worked on Vulture's Roost much but thought I would post my progress so far.

Happy Valentines Day ♥


  1. Oh my gosh, Vicki, this is looking gorgeous!! Wonderful work you've done. Wish I could see it in RL. And the dragon head and vulture look perfect with the house! Love it!


  2. Love the floor and the bird and the dragon's head and the roof! Can't wait for more of your house!

  3. its so lovely to see the dragon in situ, you have done a wonderful job on the house Vicki!! I think I need to get you over here to help me with my wizards tower!! :) xx

  4. It is looking fabulous. The dragon and the vulture fit perfectly in their places. Egg cartons? Amazing attention to detail and as you know I love the widow's walk.
    Great job!

  5. Thank you Cia. I wish you could see it in person and we could visit :)

    Thank you Ewa!!!

    Nicky it I could I would be right there to help with your Wizards Tower and get a peek at Dragon Central :)

    Thank you Janice. Still have a long ways to go.

  6. omg woman its fabulous!!!! love the extra widows walk and the stone border finishes it off.....ooooooooooo i want one lol that kit :D Linda x

  7. Thank you for mentioning me and my vulture, he looks perfect, like he sooo belongs there LOL and love Nicky's dragon!!! all your attention to detail, just very impressive!!!!

  8. The vulture is really nice! Can't wait to see the Vulture Garden! The stone looks great!

  9. Queda fantastico!!!!!
    Me encanta como te esta quedando tu maravillosa casa.
    besitos ascension

  10. Excellent; can't wait to see all those vultures in one place!

  11. Hideously Handsome indeed! He's perfect for the house.... and I love the dragon head too! I can't wait to see what goes into a Vulture Garden!

  12. Thank you Jamie!

    I love this kit Linda, lazar cut is the way to go :)

    Thank you so much for making him for me Julie :)

    Thank you Lainie, I'm not sure what all goes in a Vulture garden LOL.

    Thank you Ascension, I know you like the spooky :)

    Thanks Chris, I'm afraid my other vultures aren't as nice as Julie's, he will be the King Vulture :)

    Thank you Betsy! Am working on my house numbers today :)

  13. Love little birdie! ;-)
    And your house looks great. Can't wait to see it's progress.

  14. Thank you Christine and Welcome to my blog. You have a fantastic blog and Etsy shop :)

    Thanks Kat ♥

  15. You know V, this house may very well be your best work yet! You may think you have made little progress but every single detail and each little step you take, you did it beautifully. There is nothing I don't like about this house . Everything is so well planned, well thought out , well executed. You must be really thrilled!

  16. Thank you Sans!, coming from you that means the world to me. I know myself better at this point in my life and am not worried that people will find it too weird. My biggest challenge is the fireplace in the kitchen, I have decided to cover one of the windows. If I don't like it I can take it out, wish me luck on that one. I have the trims you sent me by the computer here and look at them everyday imagining the beautiful pillows and bedding I plan to make with them.

  17. Your Rosedale is Looking Fabulous! I Love all the things you are adding to it to make it unique!

  18. Thank you so much Tracy! I have learned a lot by watching you build houses :)

  19. That's looking great Victoria! That should be quite the showpiece when you're done :)

  20. This house is soooo 'together' - it has real atmosphere!! Love it to bits!!
    Thanks for the links - off to browse :)