Monday, October 18, 2010

Werewolves Oh My

As promised here is a  picture of the werewolf pair Lord & Lady Wolfshire my friend Lauri Kraft painted for me. Lauri is a wildlife artist and does amazing dog portraits on commission. Lauri is working on some miniature dragon portraits this week. Lauri is going to partner with me in my Etsy shop with her miniature paintings. I will be framing the paintings for her. I made frames with vintage glass jewels for my werewolves.
Lord & Lady Wolfshire
Also on mantle pumpkins by Lorraine Escapita of Dfly Creations.

A reminder of Kat the Hat Lady's Halloween blog party Oct. 30 to Nov. 2. It will start at her special blog where there will be links to all other blogs participating in the party.

Sweet Twilight All
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Victoria ♥


  1. Unos retratos muy bien trabajados. Enhorabuena.
    Besos Clara

  2. Victoria. are those crayons? Amazing details for such a small drawing and your framing really compliment the work :)!

  3. Victoria, me encantan los marcos que has hecho para las pinturas de tu amiga, seguro que teneis mucho exito las dos juntas, quedan perfectos.
    besitos ascension

  4. you had me at *Werewolves*

    Marisa :)

  5. Well cool! Those are really great. I did that in my own witch house, I hung framed ACEO paintings on the walls-a bit oversized but I didn't care because they were GORGEOUS! I have very large paintings on my own home's walls so it seemed natural to me anyway. Well done, girl! I love it when people bring something more custom to the table :)

  6. Thank you everyone. No Sans! it is Prisma Color oils on cotton rag and sealed. I took very bad pictures with glare, they are very vibrant in person, will take some better pictures.

    Victoria ♥