Thursday, July 8, 2010

Knight's Cupboard Ready To Load

Here is where I am so far. The cupboard is ready to start loading and I need to find some more embellishments for the top, am looking for a missing box of bling. This cupboard is for a boy so I didn't want to make bead bottles so I came up with the idea to use 9mm brass from spent bullets, modern warriors use guns instead of swords. I will post pictures when this is done, I still haven't decided all the contents. I will be starting my next Hell project which will be Absinthe Hell.

Sweet Dreams,


  1. Love the style of your Cupboard Victoria. What a great idea to use those spent casings. xxxx

  2. Thanks for being a follower of my award blog. I have more blog one of them dedicate to Miniatures that perhaps you find it more interesting (or at least I hope so..LOL..)
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  3. Thank you Debbie and Eva your mini blog rocks!!!

  4. My daughter Emily will love this as shes making a Merlin room box, fab project, bet he will love it! Kate xx

  5. Wonderful work amd wonderful ideas ... i love your blog . Your work is incredible , and you can see the amount of love and time you have put into the things that make ...
    Thanks you also for joining my blogs !
    Have a wonderful day and hugs Melita xx