Thursday, July 29, 2010

Death and Decay

My new project is far from what I thought it would be. I just feel like doing a really dark and macabre piece. I am coming off a 2 day pounding headache so maybe I can get some work done. This came to me yesterday when I posted pictures of my cleaver collection on FaceBook to show April my latest find. So get ready for blood, knives and darkness with a sense of humor. Am only posting 1 picture of Death and Decay so far and my cleaver collection. Every one take care and keep cool.

XXX Victoria


  1. Sounds really, really interesting, can't wait to see it ready!

  2. Sounds very macabre indeed!! Those cleavers look pretty lethal, hope the headache goes so you can get on, Kate xxx

  3. Wicked! Cannot wait to see it finished. Hope you feel better soon nothing worse than a terrible headache!